Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pretty Terrorism is just more Attractive

Eytan Rund

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After reviewing the latest Obama terror events, in France, England, Germany and in Florida airports, I have concluded that all terror must now occur in the Israeli state, as they are a civilian population who kills terrorists and more importantly, the people for the most part are attractive and with guns.

No one wants to watch fat or stupid people being run over with trucks or standing around letting terrorists go free, as those things are uninteresting. The world likes watching Clint Eastwood killing people, not something disgusting like Trump stalker, Rosie O'Donnell.

Here is the have already seen the terrorist slayer in the above photo. A most handsome Jew, obviously not Ashkenaz. Well not a a full blood like Jared Kurschner who lets Dame Evangka Trump be savaged by fag stalkers, but obviously the above is nice cross blood who dispenses lead......not the most accurately, but he looks handsome and that makes up a great deal for the shooting.

A forensic investigator of the Israeli police examines the cab of the truck after it was covered with bullet holes in Jerusalem 

Any way, let us look at the attractive people.

The Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat said 'those who incite terror must pay a heavy price' 

Yes thee most attractive security woman, placed next to the sobbing material girl who needed to be rescued, as she probably is weeping over her matzo ball was lost in the shooting.

The truck, pictured, sped up and jumped up a small wall before landing on the soldiers 

Some more examples of attractive Sephardic women. Yes the kind of woman you just want your Moses baby you found in the rushes sucking on that milk supply. A most lively group of females the Egyptians said and quite fit for breeding. Is a pity the Jew male does not do more baby production to solve the Jewish problem of too much land and not enough Jews to occupy.

The driver of the truck is understood to be Palestinian although he has not yet been named 

Even the funeral squad are handsome people. Is like watching Horatio Caine on CSI Miami.

The Jews just have this terrorism down. Their civilians got guns and blow the hell out of German made trucks, kill terrorists, and the women are all attractive, and even the funeral squads are all handsome in being able to overcome that Nigger green neon colors that make highway workers in America look stupid.

The magazine gave examples of the best types of vehicles to be used in terror attacks and the most appropriate targets 

I realize that the Jew media wants an attack in America in moving van trucks and at Macy's to entice America into another 9 11 war, but having driven a few U HAUL's in moving, I can attest that the one I had was almost out of control in a bad transmission and carrying a load, I had nutty metro drivers staying away from me in fear, as those trucks do not exactly behave in hauling or I suppose terror attacks.
The last one I drove, an insane woman almost ran me off the interstate by hugging my bumper, and while it was a new truck it smelled of dog urine. Nothing Mercedes glamorous in that, so with everything the Jews have going for them, it just seems they are better at this.
Granted the French shot their terrorists, the Germans though let them go, but body for body, it just seems the Jews are better suited to it all.

They just have handsome people who are so appealing that the British press just fills papers up with them as it is good for selling papers, as everyone likes looking at hand

I wonder why this handsome photo with the Dome of the Rock was featured, in what the British and Jews were trying to convey.

The terrorist is believed to be a Palestinian who lived in an Arab area of east Jerusalem