Friday, January 20, 2017

The Donald Trump of the Future

The president signs a confirmation for Defense Secretary James Mattis in the Oval Office on Friday night 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates in Reverse Speech has once again proven President Donald Trump is the exact honest American he has always been.

In these reversals, the President hints at two things. One is the Administration is going to unleash the Justice Department to crush the 5th Column in America in the courts.
The second is this Administration is going to crush the Federal Reserve, that corrupt foreign owned loansharking scheme which Obama unleashed to 20 trillion in American debt.

Every one should pray for President Trump to be kept safe and our leader, as what he promised all of you, he is going to do, no matter what anyone is stating, and he is moving in areas which there have only been hints about with Rand Paul.

These reversals reveal the President Trump of the future.


I faithfully swear - I'll see in the lawsuit

preserve protect and defend - I give my horse (strength)

there was little to celebrate for struggling families - I'll bless your vow

one glorious destiny - and it is said, see a road now

struggling families - He'll bless it

protect our borders - See the buck on your lease (make money)

robbed our country - I'll lead them

factories closed - So I'll see your (come back again)

seek friendship - Then on evil I'll sue you

God bless America - the crime is so bad, wake up

they have been magnificent - wake up, smash the fed

we all bleed the red blood of patriots - they'll mess a deal for you (insiders are seeking to stop reforms)

expense of American industry - you're set (ready to start to make America great again)

Inaugural Ball

producing results - I love you 

we love you - we value

Press Conference

fake news  - two shares that go with the flower 

industries coming back - You have seen that I give that love and you'll be proud of it

the twentieth inauguration - love your dream, we'll save you

businesses can move in US - yes I need to solve it

Mexico has been so nice - they will not deal with us

Judges recommended - he hit ISIS

 These additional reversals are damning

CIA Director Brennan reversals  Brennan confesses CIA is a criminal organization

sharing information - something they're working on (CIA created the fake news)

talking about ISIS -  fooled with the terror (CIA created staged terror with ISIS to fool people)

facing numerous crisis - they're bleeding us now

Joe Biden

I see people - America has now won (with Donald Trump)

Mr. President - I am her loser (America)

journey of remarkable man (Obama) - I am overcome 

do not know why they pay them - I been a Nazi

never doubted on life decisions - revenge on it

 Ted Cruz

Obama did things to Israel - I'm a sell out