Friday, January 6, 2017

The Obama Toxic Economy

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There are so many things which the Lame Cherry could write on in both educating the American Public, the People of the world and assisting President Trump, but all the Obama problems are the same, in whether it is toxic terrorism, toxic economics, toxic debt, toxic unemployment, toxic mistrust........there are one hundred things and they are all toxic to breaking down civilization and civilization simply does not have a few years to fix itself as in the luxury of the Reagan recovery from the Carter depression.

None of this has been helped by image Obama sabotaging everything in foreign and domestic policy in the last months to attempt to make things implode so the Obama can relish in publicity of, "See things were not so cannibal when I left power".

I desire you to get that, because what Obama is setting up with his cronies is to actually unleash the super depression on the world in making it so draconian that everyone will blame President Trump, when it is all Obama, Obama, Obama.

I monitor news in areas like North Dakota to get a feel for rural America, and it simply astounds me in that oil whore state, in they literally pant daily about oil prices rising, as the North Dakotans in all that oil there, never conceive that for every dollar oil goes up, the state of North Dakota only receives pennies in royalties, and WORSE YET, it costs everyone in that state 3 dollars in inflation, because every business runs on oil, and every business is jacking up it's prices.
Take a loaf of bread for example. Farmers get slave wages to buy John Deere and feed the real estate whores and big oil, then the bread factories get their price increase, and it is added in electricity from the power plant, machinery costs, Obamacare mandates, Obama regulations, and then comes the truckers in their price hikes, and the groceries in their price hikes, all having the same spikes the bread factories have, so in the end 1 dollar rise in crude oil, is costing you 3 dollars out of your pocket in the end.

The energy producing states are in horrid condition, as most are agriculture or union, and both of those are tanking in jobs, so energy is bleeding those states dry, and those were the only states which were  treading water for 8 years.

Diesel price reaches 18-month high

It is that reality of energy and the economy which is what all of us are facing. With Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan only had 4 asstard Carter years. President Trump has 8 asstard Obama years, and there is nothing which is not in dire straights in any sector.

America needs 2 years to get to a point of production, where a money flow is operating in America and the world. America does not have that luxury. I have stated previously that President Trump must engage in 3 specific areas to stop an economic collapse.

1. All toxic debt must be quarantined, so as to not affect the recovering sectors of the economy.
2. Energy production must be a priority, as cheap energy is America's only chance. This includes the government buying a strategic national coal reserve to get those coal operations up and running before the plants are finished.
3. As part of the infrastructure renewal, America must revisit survival shelters of the 1950's as a catalyst to stimulate the economy to protect the majority of Americans.

What the Obama legacy is, is the toxic feudal welfare state. I did not write on this before as I did not desire to scare people from voting for Donald Trump, but the fact is that America for a generation has been subsidizing the world from Europeans working a few days a week to Mexicans looting the US economy to China becoming a consumer cancer. In order to "fix" this in America, there is going to have to be an employment of Americans working at good jobs, and that means America being resurrected as other nations go on life support in this toxic Obama international economy.
That could mean revolution and it could mean war, as nations implode in this unattainable market situation of over stimulation or economics for feudal control of the world by the elite.

There are measures which Mr. Trump is correctly attempting in bringing in repatriated trillions from US corporations, but that means absolutely nothing if everything collapses on Wall Street, as that debt is too high in the Obama 20 trillion, and the US needs several years to grow into that 20 trillion Obama debt with actual production in sound economic policy.

It is a reality that America must take care of herself first. It is a matter that in doing so millions of people around the world will die in this economic adjustment, BUT if America does not right herself, there is going to be 5 billion people dead in an American collapse and the wars which follow.

Liberals made great mockery during the Watergate coup that there was a cancer on the Presidency as a talking point. The reality with the facts on Barack Hussein Obama, is that he was a cancer on America which metastasized the entire world to a terminal end.
The evil that Obama is must be exorcised from America and the world, as all Obama was, was a poison to people and planet.

I do not want to state that this is oblivion, because it is not, for Adolf Hitler saved Germany from as dire of situation and Ronald Reagan saved America from a situation 1/10th of what President Trump faces with the American People. There is no more time, no margin for errors, and God help His children when the calamities come from nature or the cartel, so the people survive what is pulling them back inside the abyss.

As I stated years ago, there is not a real economy, it is all fraud. Your money in your pockets must be protected and faux economy must be managed to produce jobs to put money into your pockets, while the toxic debt must be quarantined from what is viable, until American production begins to overtake the toxic Obama debt.

I have not witnessed the fire brake steps which must be active from Secretary of Treasury Munchkin for President Donald Trump. There does not have to be fanfare, but signals must be given that the US economy will not be allowed to collapse under Obama toxic debt. To not be public with this and ensuring Americans and the world that the brake is in place and the public is not going to be drawn in, nor their personal banks, nor their investments, is not communicating the message which must be established in people's minds.

You can not have a run on banks, if people are not running.

- Lame Cherry

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