Thursday, February 2, 2017

American Patriot Charles Schumer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I keep telling you children and brats that Charles Schumer is more right wing than the Republicans, and I hope this proof of this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter will give all of you pause to appreciate Chuck Schumer the American Patriot.

Ask yourself who is destroying the Democrats, is it Donald Trump or Chuck Schumer?

Schumer bawls crocodile tears making him a laughing stock.

Schumer allows that idiot Nancy Pelosi out of her box to scream at a Muslim Congressman "TELL THE YOU'RE A MUSLIM!!!!" on an open hot mic.

Schumer has overseen a brilliant strategy to galvanize support for President Trump in sitting on Cabinet appointments, and pulling the dirtiest and lowest of tricks.

The latest is this:

Schumer, Dem Leadership Refuse To Meet Gorsuch...

Yes Chuck Schumer is the architect of Gro├če verbrannte Erde, the Great Scorched Earth incinerating the democratic party to epic defeat in 2018, thereby ruining the Clinton legacy and Obama legacy, and allowing Chuck Schumer to arise as king maker from the ashes.

I do hope someday that President Trump, in his second term can award Chuck with a Presidential Freedom Medal for all of his service to America in guiding this snatch inferno of Ashley Judd to burn down Berkely against fag Milo, ripping the guts out the entire Clinton Obama base now at war with each other.

It is not an easy task managing a mob of lunatics, when that mob is in Congress with Senator Schumer, and still keep the lunatics in the streets burning things down. It was brilliant though of Chuck to have a mob gather outside his apartment to chant his name, to give him  cover in convincing liberals that Chuck was the focal point in the general in this political battle.

I just adore Chuck Schumer, he is lovely. I can just hear him running down the list in answering questions:

What shall we do our Feuher about the liberal women?

Abort them, they are disgusting.

About the snowflakes?

Melt them in an avalanche of flame!

Our Feuher what about Hamrod and the Birther?

Send them to oblivion as I detest weakness.

Thank you  Chuck Schumer for being the genius and patriotic leader of the American lemming left in leading it over the edge, for the greater good of America.

Uh I suppose you missed Senator Dick Durban laughing with Vice President Dan Quayle at the Congressional Lunch honoring President Trump? Yes Patriot Chuck Schumer is not alone mein kinder.

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