Thursday, February 2, 2017

Charles Dance

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of my children was being helpful in stating I mislabeled the photo of Brian Brown in Mr. Rachel Ward, one of the national crimes of Australia.

This is the reality that Dance and Brown both look like all wogs, in you can't tell the bloody difference. The reality is all of the English actors stand around like Obama the Nig, posing as if their mere British presence is supposed to wow the audience in their faggot poses. That is English acting from that fag Lord Downton Abbey to .......I don't know, as they all look like disgusting penises.

Here is proof.

Looks like a penis does it not.

How about this?

DICK Attenborough

Yes penis material in just being there and absolutely of no interest and of no purpose unless one has to piss.

Final example, as the viewing of penis actors makes me want to puke, like looking at American cunt actors like Ashley Judd and Scarlett Johanssen.

BenedDICt Cumberbatch

So in all things, when things appear like I am not aware, God is, and the point is, Rachel Ward was God's gift to Australian acting and I have no comprehension what Rachel Ward visualized in Mr. Rachel Ward, but the fact is these British all look the same like some penis. Not a cock in the least, but on the pecker side of penis, as they have that old London look of dried whore of Outback sheep cum on them.

See Bill Nighy, penis pecker look. Could be HW Bush's brother. They all look the same.

Orlando Bloom......penis thing. They are all the same no talent, non manly, flaccid and you just want to have a sheep bite it, as you know it wants to violate some ewe nethers.

If only the British looked like cocks, then you could tell the damn wogs apart.