Thursday, February 2, 2017

Australia Is

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It is evident terror enabler John McCain of the United States senate is auditioning for an indictment over his ISIS support and Syrian genocide, as the unbalanced old man has violated the balance of power in America, in phoning the Obama cocksucking Prime Minister of Australia, in consoling the Obama cocksucker over President Trump informing the PM, that the PM should NOT have imported goddamn Muslim terrorists to Oz and then dumped them off on the American People.

McCain lied to the Australian People in telling them that Americans support them. The Lame Cherry is here to inform the Australian that John McCain DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

He added that the countries' alliance is "more important than ever," pointing to their work in the Asia-Pacific region and combating terrorism.
“In short, Australia is one of America’s oldest friends and staunchest allies. We are united by ties of family and friendship, mutual interests and common values, and shared sacrifice in wartime," he said.

 Donger Turnbull

For starters, what people would accept anything named Malcolm Turnball in leading them? Turnball looks as stupid as his name, but then that is the point in this, in John McCain's Australia is an Australian regime which was overthrown long ago by the CIA.
The end result was Australians have had their guns confiscated and sat their like fucking mutton, to be reduced to a Godless herd.

What Americans want for Australia is for Australians to take back Australia, to stop being a human refuse dump of Chinese and Muslim rape cocks. For Australians to have handguns, long guns, shotguns and whatever else they want to shoot roo with. Americans want  Australians to have not a John McCain CIA regime ruling their godless souls, led around by propaganda, but for them to think and be the bloody damn English refuse they started out at Botany Bay.

Australia is  for Australians, first and last.

Australians need to understand that Americans are still furious at Australia over two things.

 Rachel Ward

The first is Rachel Ward. Yes the most gorgeous Australian woman in history who married and copulated with that Brian Brown, went off and raised children on that ranch, depriving Americans of her beauty. It is obvious that Brian Brown is to blame for it all and Australia should have risen up, stripped him naked, tied a bloody roo to him, and had him run for his life through a pack of wild dogs. If he survived, the 100 mile gauntlet, Americans would then deal with this deprivation of Rachel Ward in thinking this was some act of God which only God could understand, as Brian Brown in the Shiralee or African Porn with Greta Scaachi is just in need of a good dingo run to prove he is worthy of Rachel Ward.
No nation with beauty like this just hands it over to Brian Brown. A real nation fights for this kind of beauty as the Greeks did Helen of Troy.

 Mr. Rachel Ward

Second, there was that New Zealand business. Yes the kiwi decided it the Cold War to stand against President Ronald Reagan and for the Soviet Union in being "nuclear free". The least Australia could have done to show they are true friends is to invade New Zealand, burned it to the ground, deported all the kiwi to Antarctica, and given the island over to the Rhodesians, where they could have developed the atomic bomb and set the African order as it should be in White leadership of Africa on the lands they developed.
No real nation could stand having some fruit fag island not loving nuclear bombs. A real nation would have dropped atomic bombs on the kiwi to show what peace loving blokes Australians really are.
The humiliation Australians have in both Brian Brown and New Zealand in the same time zone.

Nuclear-free legislation - Nuclear-free New Zealand ...

In 1987 Labour passed the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act. In a largely symbolic response, the United States Congress retaliated with ...

So that is what America sees. Australia bends for Obama in being a human refuse dump. Australia abuses her own people to genocide in disarming them and not having the dingo chase Brian Brown around to prove he is worthy of Rachel Ward, and Australians have no Christian God...........and they did not even fire a few howitzers at New Zealand each year as a show of support.

If Australia had a real government, that PM Turnbull would have taken McCain's call and said, "Listen here you bogan fuck, Donald Trump says we buggered it up, and we buggered it up. Trump bottles his blood'sworth. He's dinki di.  We're chocka of your McCain whigen, and your crying is dead as a dingos donger. So rack off!!!"

Australia is having genocide heaped on it. America is not going to stand around and let the cartel complete it, but it is about time to stop hitting the turps on Obama piss and bog in Turnball's bondi cigar and start being Australian and aggro and start the barney.

America expects Australians to hang up on John McCain, drive their invaders into the sea, overthrow their CIA regime and for each home to have a nice arsenal of Bibles and guns.