Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I am Stupid, therefore I think

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I am convinced now after years of experience, that I am a Savant Fatalist. I used to be a perfectionist to my great harm and consternation, but being a Savant Fatalist is the appropriate understanding for life.

Granted I am not the aboriginal who refuses to build a crocodile pen to gather water from the river, in thinking if the croc will get me, it is meant to be, in I will build the safety of the pen as it is logical, but in the end being Inspired, I am a fatalist as to have consternation over the facts of life is illogical and contrary to a harmonious life.

Having concerns about destruction or decay is not logical, as that is the atomic implosion universe this is. The atom builds in electrical charge and comes to a point of gathering too much and the law of the universe decays the assembly whether it is human or star.
The weakness I have is not accepting the suffering and death of the living. Yes death is a part of the living, but I rebel at the unfair aspect of death to beauty, death to innocent, death to youth, death to hideous ends. It is illogical to expect merciful endings hoped for in Faith, but it is unfair for a chicken prepared by God to feed His fox to die in my small tyranny as fair is the old age of the chicken and the quick brutal end of the predator.

I am a knowing fatalist, that is what Savant Fatalist is. I know of Christ and the Hope of His being and my connection to it. How it is arrived at is a process all must experience. There is no sense in dreading it nor running from God in it, because life awaits on the other side, and God is already there and already here. I might as well dread the next breath as it is the same logical being.

Death is either a being or it is a void. If it is a void then I will not know, and as it is life, I will know it, so therefore one is logical to prepare for life, instead of nothingness, as it is beneficial in this life in the human condition to produce the pleasure of harmony, instead of violence which leaves a signature wound which does not heal.

I am resigned to the terms of my destiny, but as the willful creator of it. I am the rudder of this life, and will direct it to the appointed beginning of the next, even if other wills influence against my decision. That is the choice of fatalism by design. I can not change the mandate, but I can change the position of the outcome of the mandate for my benefit as it is pleasing to the overlord law or God in this.

So I have not fear nor dread of this coming. That which I can not control is not worthy of concern as it can not be influenced. That which is in my will, is what my focus is upon, so in knowing thee entire sphere of probabilities and certainties, it is not something which is not known to fear or dread, but something I do know and have a part in by my will and decision.

Dying is easy. Life is the hard part in the struggle to get to death in the transition to life. There are not many lives to live again, as one suffices. Either it is completed toward perfection in this period, or it is corrupt and rejected. There is not any reincarnation.
In death, the struggle is life, but once that struggle ceases, so does the pain, and the natural peace of death wraps itself warmly around the calm soul, as the Spirit exhales from the body and a return to home begins.

It is why I am a Savant Fatalist, as that is all there logically can be, for to be otherwise is chaos and fear, and that is not a natural state of humanity.

The idiocy of the primate is, I am stupid, therefore I think, for if they were knowing or capable, they would already have the answers and not be ignorant.

- Lame Cherry

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