Monday, March 13, 2017

Ryancare Repeal and Replace is Pence Bait and Switch

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I am posting this from Congressman Frank Lucas' site as synopsis of how Ryancare will be attempted to be foisted on the American People, for the simple reason Americans are being lied to, in being told of Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 and amendments can be added to "fix things".

What I desire each of you to understand in what a bill is and how it can not be fixed is using his analogy:

Tomorrow Paul Ryan brings up a bill to holocaust all Jews in work to death camps. It provides for transportation, tax credits to businesses for losses and for removal of the bodies.

So the bill comes to the House floor for debate, and amendments can be added to this bill, but a Congressman can not add an amendment to stop the holocaust as that is what the bill is. A Congressman could add an amendment to convert bodies to crude oil instead of burning them, making tax credits for only medical and food costs, and stating that transportation needs to be economic in rail, but the Congressman can NOT amend this bill to stop the holocaust or the work camps AS THAT IS THE BILL.

The Bill is Considered on the House Floor
  • A bill can come to the House Floor for consideration in a variety of ways. Many House bills are debated through a parliamentary device known as the Committee of the Whole, which is a mechanism that permits faster consideration.
  • Floor action begins and Members debate the bill.
  • The conduct of debate is dictated by the Rules of the House generally, and may also be governed by a special rule granted specifically for the bill under consideration.
  • Following debate, the second reading of the bill begins in a section-by-section manner, during which amendments may be offered.
  • At the conclusion of all amendment debate, the bill is read a third time.
  • Next, the House is ready to vote on the bill.

So when Paul Ryan appears and tells us that Ryancare is a repeal and replace of Obamacare, it is a deceptive truth, because it does repeal, but it is as Rand Paul warns in Obamacare Lite, in it is the SAME BILL.
Ryan's bill is about attacking businesses which provide good policies for the wealthy in the Cadillac Tax, and forces companies to drop insurance so Ryancare can force tax credits which YOU PAY FOR onto the rich in another entitlement. (What this is is protecting big corporations so they do not have to provide health insurance on their rich employees, and in croynism filters these tax credit purchases to Ryan connected insurance companies in criminal money laundering.)

So when Paul Ryan provides in his bill healthcare for the rich and for invaders which all of are going to have to pay for, while rationing death in Medicaid, there is absolutely not in any way to fix this. Ryan designed this with the oligarchs for that specific reason to plunder America as Obama has.
Sean Hannity is either stupid in not understanding what Ryan is up to or is covering for his Big Murdoch ass at FOX who benefit from this insider deal.

All Ryan has done is provided a way for his oligarchs to loot American and control the market in entitlements and slave labor healthcare, and this scheme is hoping that Conservatives will swallow hard and try to add amendments for across state line insurance, making this not a mandate for Citizens or companies and adding health savings accounts, as this rationed debt and death from Pence and Ryan is passed in nothing has changed.

Ryancare FIXES NOTHING. It is an equal bankrupting scheme of America, because it adds foreigners to the healthcare roles, and it filters money through rich recipients to insurance companies, while sticking Americans with the same rationed death on Medicaid.

What Ryan did was deliberate. He will smear and blame President Trump with this. There will not be any Phase 2 or 3. All there will be is the same imploding system and none of this is what President Donald Trump advocated AS NOTHING IN RYANCARE HAS ONE WORD OF WHAT THE PRESIDENT PROMISED.

Any yet their is liar Ryan and his cohort deceptive Pence selling this disaster as a repeal and replace when it is BAIT AND SWITCH.

Congress already has the original bill from Obama's desk. All that needs to be amended are health savings and cooperatives, insurance across state lines, NO MANDATE or TAXES STIPULATED, a self funded Medicaid at no more than 15% of the poor person's income, and a conversion that RN's will be able to deal with these out patients with review by a physician.
Add torte reform in limiting these endless lawsuits against the medical community, where instead Big Pharm, Big Med and Doctors are instead prosecuted for injuring people with settlements of no more than 50,000 dollars and that ends the high costs.

Everyone needs to understand though that Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are liars, and deliberately deceived the President and the Republicans as they intended to make this Obamacare 2.0 to steal money for their cronies and when it implodes blame President Trump for the disaster they created.

It is time to return to President Ronald Reagan and afford the President the LINE ITEM VETO, so that President Trump can cross out the rapine from these GOPliters bills.

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