Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Paul Schaffer, when the others are driven out


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems some people have a gift and that is to be a friend to the friendless, or more to the point to keep their dignity while being a support to liberal bastards who hate themselves so much that they are like watching a car crash in slow motion every moment of their existences.

The person of interest in this is Paul Schaffer, a Canadian, and best known in being the band director on The Letterman Show.

There have been two expose's as of late, one concerning Chevy Chase and the other David Letterman, and they are not worth noting in these liberal sell outs to the cause of the left, in both are what they accuse those they hate of, but what is worth noting is Paul Schaffer.

In the case of Cornelius Chase, it was Paul Schaffer who sat up all night after Chase was roasted by everyone who hates him, because he has treated all of his peers so viciously none would appear in fun. Schaffer sat up with Chase, because Chase was bawling all night after the roast, and needed consoling over the "mean things" which were being said about him.

Cornelius Crane Chase

In the case of David Letterman, Schaffer was steadfast in his job while Letterman was devolving to using CBS as a creeper station as Letterman destroyed those loyal to him, abused women, and thought that Barbara Walters and Charlie Rose were his peers, when all he was, was another plug and play mic head with falling ratings.

That is what is amazing about Paul Schaffer, in he is a small man in stature, but is large in accomplishment and presence. He has an ability to deal with bullies and not be bullied, and a way of calling these brats like Chase and Letterman out for what they are, and they take it, because they need to be told exactly what they are.

I would not say Paul Schaffer ever was an enabler, because he was not. What he was, was a talented man who had dregs of humanity glom onto him, and he did the best Christian thing anyone could do is be a friend to the friendless.......a friendless who chose to be friendless in they treat people close to them with venom, before these immature souls can be hurt by them......as striking out is exactly what these types do by compunction.

Letterman used to hang out with the writers, in being mean, but the writers had more talent and bitch slapped him and Letterman's ego hurt, as did Chase in only picking on interns who were not prepared to fight back.

Late-night legend David Letterman's ugly personality no laughing matter, former colleagues say

Letterman is now hiding behind a beard, and was dragging his 13 year old child around on the streets of New York, as Letterman holds audience and pathetically needed the child to see that the old man was "somebody". The child now refuses to be an unwilling patron of the "glory days", as Chevy Chase is left without audience or family to suffer his ills.

I do not know if Paul Schaffer has blocked Letterman and Chase, but one could understand if he has, as he has a good life in a marriage, children and a remarkable career of accomplishments, with the good will of his peers and fans.

Paul Schaffer will not be remembered for the gift he apparently has in dealing with adult bullies, but it was of his remarkable accomplishments, and as all fades to black when Letterman and Chase are in the casket, we see an empty service with just the few people who had to show up, and there would be Paul Schaffer attending, because Schaffer would be the man to be a friend to provide comfort in the lie, that the dead were not all bad.

Nuff Said

Letterman infamously sucked on a strand of Jennifer Aniston's hair.