Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sex is the US Military Policy

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I am trying to comprehend that since Tailhook, which proved that men deprived of their natural limits of self preservation in being trained to charge death in military suicide, which is what all basic training is, that these same males who have been rewired to react and die, also are the same males guzzling booze and fucking women to their middle finger pleasure, are now somehow a scandal in posting nude photos of women who are Marines.

Tailhook scandal - Wikipedia

Tailhook scandal; Date: September 8-12, 1991: Place: Las Vegas, Nevada: The Tailhook scandal was a series of incidents where more than 100 U.S. Navy and ...

The same women who were taken out of separate ranks, put into the same huts, and in fraternization have reacted as fuck toys to get along, get promoted, or been intimidated to accepting rape by superiors, are somehow a surprise in males are posting their photos online as trophies.

These are the same women and men, who have been subjected by their Generals, like General Mattis in DON'T ASK DON'T TELL sodomy, and expanded upon in the Obama regime to absolute open sodomization in converting the US military from a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT TO A SEXUAL EXPERIMENT, including pervert transvestites being openly promoted in this Sodom and Gomorrah of the Pentagon.

After all of this, with all barriers dropped, with these unguided, Christian Chaplain deprived, reprogrammed suicide machines, are somehow now being investigated by the same Pentagon and Obama political officers for doing something wrong.

OK let me understand this, in it is wrong to post nude pictures of military females, but it is something to be covered up in the mass rape of women in the US military, when SEX IS THE US MILITARY POLICY as the US military ceased being a military and Obama converted it to a political assassination group whose main purpose was fucking each other, as the medics handed out piles of psychotic drugs to destroy them.

Once again, what in the hell is Secretary James Mattis investigating, when he and every one of these sons of bitches not only created this military for Obama, but conditioned these males and females to degrade to the very British Red Coats whose main purpose in life was to rape and murder Europeans until General Andrew Jackson killed the goddamn psychopaths at the Battle of New Orleans.

Women are speaking out about this as a problem? Where were they when Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was being thrown into Obama prison trying to put a stop to all of this in 2009!!!

Marine Marisa Woytek, who is currently on active duty, and veteran Marine Erika Butner, are two of the at least four victims who have come forward after a report Saturday revealed a Facebook group called Marines United filled with more than 30,000 Marines, sailors and veterans were sharing clothed and naked pictures of female Marines.

Both Butner and Woytek, with famed lawyer Gloria Allred by their sides, said pictures of them clothed were posted to the group without their consent

Of course this is all across the military, because that is what the military was converted into, a sex machine. Of course the woman below with her big tit flap shirt got promoted for being the best Soldier ever, just like the flap with the skin color got the job for being better than all the other Soldiers in the Air Force. 

One of the alleged victims, Kelsie Stone, is a West Michigan native currently living in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Stone was too emotionally distraught to speak with FOX 17 on Thursday, but we spoke with her mother, Petra McGinnis, in Battle Creek.
McGinnis says Stone moved to South Carolina a few years ago from Battle Creek, where she met her boyfriend at the time, a Sergeant in the Marine Corps. While he was away training in California, she sent him lewd photos on SnapChat in private, thinking they would never resurface. Just a few months later, her life would be turned upside.

So we have an alternative universe where a woman takes photos of herself, give them to someone, relinquishes rights in the act, and now is upset that they were posted online. And what did she consider acceptable, the violating of what used to be a moral code, so her boyfriend would light candles around the photos and admire her like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre?
She expected in her training that he would masturbate to them, violating more military codes, and trail around behind her, as that is what women in majority hook up with uniform wearers in it is the uniform which is the attraction and putting a leash on the natural trained killer is the fetish which makes the dew on the lily.

This makes absolutely no sense in you train males to end all their barriers, women to have vaginas that are expendable like jdams, and when primates devolve to animals, this is now a bad thing.

So is the Chive ok in selfies, in military women degrading the uniform or just where are the limits in this, as we know by the big tits flap that the US Air Force was featuring her tits to get loser teenagers to enlist in the Air Force to be commanded by those awesome tits. 

And of course the Army chose this female, because for 288 dollars the Pentagon could learn her a skill.

.......and there was absolutely no sex, involved in this Pentagon, good for moral recruitment, as obviously  this Rosie O'Donnell looker was good with jutting her tits out while hanging onto a prop.

Yes let's investigate men and lezbos posting pictures of women online, as why bother preparing to obliterate ISIS which the US military trained for Obama and McCain, and armed them by blowing the hell out of Khadaffi so Hillary Clinton could ass rape him to death.

Let us investigate Soldiers who were trained by Obama to be sex perverts and there is absolutely no history of sex involved in recruiting Soldiers by the Pentagon.

How about hanging the civilian leadership's asses in a military tribunal court as they fostered and promoted all this deviancy, but no one but the Lame Cherry is going to point those facts out.