Monday, March 6, 2017

What is George W. Bush's Part in the Coup Against President Trump

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There is something in the illegal surveillance coordinated against President Donald Trump, which hinges upon a reverse speech revelation by David John Oates on former president, George W. Bush which Bush43 spoke of a "Canadian leak" which was connected to the calling for a Special Prosecutor, that points to something from the Cold War days when America relied on Canada to spy on Americans and American in turn spied on Canadians as it was illegal to spy on your own people.

That is what is troubling in this and a logical scenario can be laid out in the Obama regime engaged in a scenario like spying on the Tea Party by the IRS, in a conversation which went like this.

Loretta Lynch: The Judge denied our FISA to spy on Donald Trump.

Val-erie Jarrett: Well we have got to get the information so how do we do this.

CIA Clapper: During the Cold War Canada as part of the NSA used to spy on Americans for the government, so why not have them target Trump Tower.

Val-erie Jarrett: No legal ramifications Loretta?

Loretta Lynch: None as long as it is not ordered out of the White House and it is just a suggestion which no one can trace from us to Canada, as Trudeau is a communist like Obama and will do anything we ask.

 It is the George W. Bush revelation as he used his paintings as cover in the media to reinforce this whispering campaign against the President, that 43 slipped up in revealing the foundation of this plot, and that is the Canada Leak.

George Bush

recommend as special prosecutor - Canada leak (NSA listening station in Canada heard something)

Now ask yourself some simple questions. Did Canada call you up and tell you they were spying on Donald Trump at Trump Tower?

Your answer is no.

So how is it that a CIVILIAN in George W. Bush knew about this, as this is CLASSIFIED INFORMATION and it is criminal to leak it to anyone who is not in Government without a security clearance. The minute any President becomes a former President, they are no different than you.....and yet somehow George W. Bush in this coup for his baby brother Jeb, knew about something so classified that none of this has leaked to the New York Times or Washington Post, because it is criminal for whoever gave this information to George W. Bush and it is criminal for George W. Bush to receive that information, as it carries a life in prison sentence.

Do you sort of conclude that the Obama regime in sedition is allied with the Bush fam in exile, all to get President Trump, with all of these cuddles and smiles between Val-erie Jarrett's best friend and George W. Bush.
It even goes to the woman in the Obama union, in image Obama likes the same George humor.

You do remember that all of the enmity between the Bush's and Obama's disappeared about the time that Donald Trump became a common enemy.

Snowden document shows Canada set up spy posts for NSA ...

A top secret document retrieved by American whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals Canada has set up covert spying posts around the world and conducted espionage ...

U.S. spy agency wiretapped two French finance ministers ...

... The U.S. National Security Agency wiretapped the communications of two successive French finance ministers and collected informati ... U.S. Showbiz ...

Somewhere in all of these leaks which are appearing, George W. Bush stated in reverse speech that one of the sources for the information was a foreign regime in Canada, which was targeting Donald Trump, and his advisers under the cover of "Russian Hacking". The Lame Cherry exposed that MI6 in the Christopher Steele dossier was part of a Clinton Bush operation against President Donald Trump with full assistance by the Obama regime, in attempts to obtain FISA documents.
What W Bush has revealed is that the Canadian intelligence, was employed leaking some type of intelligence which was fed to the fake news. That is beyond what Vladimir Putin is accused of, in that according to Bush, Prime Minister Trudeau for the Obama sedition against America, is engaged in bringing down the United States Government, which is an act of war.

George W. Bush revealed something which he should not know as it is classified. This is something that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be directed to investigate this George W. Bush revelation of Canadian intrigue against the American Government with the fake news, and the strange Obama Bush relationship.

Canadian leaks linked to the fake news of Russian hacking and the prime source is George W. Bush and his baby brother Jeb is the one who will benefit in these attacks upon President Donald Trump.

Someone named George should have stayed home and played with his paints or at least played with their manfriend Michelle.

Canada Leaks? A Grand Jury with an appearance by Michelle Obama's best friend  George W. Bush being asked under oath in who gave him classified intelligence and why he is colluding with the Obama regime in sedition to bring down the Government of the United States to protect the Obama's and Clintons from prosecution and install his brother Jeb into the White House.

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