Monday, April 17, 2017

New York Valued

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Maybe Donald Trump has it right in starting nuclear world war, as products originating in New York City are absolutely Darwin ready.

What I am directing your attention to is a story which I thought looked interesting from a Rense link on Business Insider. With a name like that and having numerous international additions and MADE IN NYC, one would just surmise that they would not have shit for brains.

Made in NYC

See global additions and Made in NYC links. So I started looking over this story in 14 GRAINS listed, and I started noticing that WHOLE WHEAT SPAGHETTI and WHEAT BREAD were grains, and separate grains too boob, along with those mysterious crops of COOKED CORN and CORNMEAL.

It is all like that moron John McCain caught saying STUPID IDIOT. Maybe in McCain's world he has genius idiot like Marco Rubio, brainy idiots like Lindsey Graham, and stupid idiots like Donald Trump, but in the real world you simply can not say things like wet dampness, smart genius or treacherous traitor, as it is a double down like dumb dumb.

I this dumb and dumber though where apparently the Editor at Business Insider also thinks Cooked Corn and Cornmeal are two separate grains as one looks like corn and the other is fine grained from GRINDING, I guess I should be pleased they did not publish this list of healthy grains including:

Flour dough
Ground flour
Yeast dough
Sour dough
Sweet dough
Bleached flour
Unbleached flour
Cake flour
and every persons favorite exotic flours in King Arthury, Pillsbury and Walmart on Sale.

The thing is I could never get hired by Business Insider, because I am not carrying 50,000 dollars in debt from an asstad college, so an asstard suit could hire me to write asstard stories, I was too asstard to know they are asstard, for a 5 and 6 figure salary. That is what is irksome about this in Americans really are this stupid at the "educated intellectual level" and is probably why Ivanka and Jared Kushner get away with being so vacuous with Schindlers like Gary Cohn, as they are all con artists and that witless.

So below is the list of healthy GRAINS, with 6 out of the 14 not even grains.

I guess the cheat sheet missed TEFF, but then that is a Negroid grain from Africa, and people are trying to get amnesia they ever voted for Birther Hussein.

RANKED: The 14 healthiest grains for you

No, 14. Wild Rice
No. 13. Cornmeal, used in cornbread

No. 12. Rice

No. 11. Barley

No. 10. Rye Bread

No. 9. Whole Wheat Spaghetti

No. 8. Quinoa

No. 7. Wheat Bread

No. 6. Buckwheat

TIE No. 4. Millet

TIE No. 4. Sorghum

No. 3. Cooked Corn

No. 2. Amaranth

No. 1. Rolled oats (oatmeal)

We now return you to really smart stuff like people cheering fake intelligence and starting world war.