Friday, April 7, 2017

The Unmasking Agents of the Shadowlands

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sean Hannity has been featuring an information duo of journalists in Sara Carter and John Solomon, at Circa News, who have been revealing a great deal about the Trump Tower and Susan Rice, while the rest of the fake news has been running cover up.

Meet the two investigative journalists who ... - Nation One News

John Soloman and Sarah Carter composed a joint article titled: ... Some time later he is now a Chief Officer with Circa News. He has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Ms. Carter's latest revelations deal with that the FBI or whoever were routinely unmasking Congressmen and Congresswomen, at the rate of 1 per month. This is not just information in sweeps of spies or foreign intelligence, but there are dossiers built in their family and associates, as in their divorce proceedings in how nasty and intrusive this information is that is being CLASSIFIED, as in the sense this information is all collected in NSA data sweeps and FBI Stingray pulls, but once a person has "triggered" the system, it then spreads all throughout their lives.
So this has moved beyond Donald Trump as President and members of Congress, but goes into reporters, doctors, lawyers and clergy.

The Lame Cherry in inquiry is going to reveal something as there is not any value in repeating what Sara Carter's  investigative work.

In God given Inspiration, I started asking as the thoughts came to me about what Sara Carter was revealing as to how this made any difference to any of you reading this and then the revelations started appearing in the Bill Binney sense of how this data mining sweeps up people, and how as we have witnessed with President Trump any excuse appears to start investigating or unmasking an undesirable.

What started me thinking was this, in like most of you I get phone calls from numbers I do not know or I get emails like this one from Arabic phishing.

Tamayo Viera Jorge Oswaldo
Today, 10:06 AMINF@MSN.COM أنت الفائز بجائزة مايكروسوفت 2017 تسعمائة ألف دولار. تزويدنا برقم هاتفك، واسمك والبلد والعمر

The translation of the above is:

You are the winner of the Microsoft 2017 Award for nine hundred thousand dollars. Provide us with your phone number, name, country and age

It all seems harmless, but if you remember the Lame Cherry wrote an expose on the opium trade out of South America and Asia, and immediately I receive a phishing scam out of Ecuador written in Arabic.

What if in theory, there was a directive that red flagged all emails into English speaking accounts, which had various languages involved as suspicious?

What is you received a phone call from a bot dialer, but that dialer was calling numbers on a terror list.....

Now progress this out, as the CIA was using hackware from foreign intelligence and leaving those Russian, Chinese etc... fingerprints on that programming to lead away from the CIA.........what if there was a running operation which had "contractors" as in artificial intelligence generating phishing or phone calls, to specific people who had appeared on an 'enemies list' as President Trump had, because Mr. Trump was under surveillance before he won the nomination, and he certainly was not calling up Congress people to appear on FBI lists.

Ms. Carter stated that Pete Hoekstra of Congress reported to her that in previous times, the FBI would appear at the Speaker's office with an alert stating,' Congresswoman 2, has had a spy contact her under an assumed name, do you want to notify them or should we?'
Something had drastically changed under the Obama regime and it is reasonable to deduce that all of these political officers and Clinton and Obama implanted into every department from the IRS to Homeland, that these people were to come up with innovative ways as the BLM to get rid of LaVoy Finicum for being a problem.

Would not the answer be to have an artificial intelligence, the same type that spammed John Podesta, send out an email and a phone call to someone the regime was interested in for not agreeing with the American Genocide or publishing material which was not supposed to be viewed by the public and than once you are in the system, you are in the system forever  to be done with as the system decided.
We know that Robert Mercer sorts all your cookies to put you into categories, so it is a reality that the NSA and FBI who employ the Mercers of this world, have even more complex plasma computers and programs to monitor any person.

That is the data mining end, but what the Lame Cherry exclusive is in matter anti matter is what the matrix was pointing to, in just like "your light was out" for a fake traffic stop, there are fake spammer programs which are designed to ensnare anyone........including your Facebook profile and your getting all those porn, pedo and foreigners trying to "friend" you, when instead it is a way of flagging your account so the FBI will begin monitoring you, and if necessary paid minders will appear as your friends sowing incriminating evidence onto their feeds which appear on your feeds.

It is all interconnected. Foreign intelligence wants to know who you are to exploit you, as your husband works on a pipeline, your wife works at the Navy, you have a security clearance or you have a friend who works at Boeing. Dope lords have the same interests in your law enforcement connections or why you are posting about the Obama dope trade, which the deep police state is providing cover for, for the banksters in money laundering, so you receive emails in Arabic from South America, which triggers the NSA, and as Hillary Clinton let every donor hack into the federal security system, they can all then access your information, just like those NSA  and FBI unmasking agents continuously perform for their deep state operations.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.