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Is Donald Trump about to create a 3 carrier group American Hostage Situation

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Most of you have not studied the map of Korea, and do no realize that the capitals of Korea are about the distance of Baltimore Maryland to DC, and that Peking is about the distance of New York to DC,  in relationship to Tokyo and Russia's largest city of Vladivostok sits off to the side of  this in Cleveland Ohio.

Once you begin thinking about this in terms you can comprehend, you realize that Donald Trump is moving to put 3 nuclear powered carrier groups into that pond sized area, with nuclear Japan, North Korea, China and Russia involved. Would it concern you if there were 5 nuclear powers in maneuvers in an area akin to the American northeast, and that 4 national capitols were there with all the politician being nervous over what President Trump was engaged in?

For the Americans, they have two major bases  in South Korea and Okinawa. This is matched by four bases from the Russians in this is their Pacific operational headquarters area.

Pacific Fleet Bases
  • Kamchatskiy
  • Magadan
  • Petropavlovsk
  • Sovetskaya Gavan

Sleeve Insignia of the Russian Pacific Fleet

Data keeps appearing and reappearing in greater numbers and lesser numbers of the Russian presence in the region, but in effect when push comes to shove with American Donald Trump, there will be more concentrations of Russian might in Vladivostok.

Vladivostok, home-port of the Russian Pacific Fleet, has a complement of at least 65 major surface combat ships, 50 nuclear and 25 non-nuclear submarines.

Added to this is the Chinese Pacific Fleet of the PLA. The key to this as is the Russian presence, as is the armada of North Korean submarines, which can be loaded with a hydrogen warhead and detonated in proximity to American bases or flotillas, means there are almost 200 vessels under the water which 21 American ships on top of the water which will be endangered by........and understand this that a  submarine deliberately crashed into the tail end of a carrier, disables it as quickly as if it were a detonation and American can not fire back as no one fired a shot in anger.

Fleet 1 aircraft carrier
4 amphibious transport docks
32 landing ship tanks
31 landing ship medium
32 destroyers
48 frigates
32 corvettes
109 missile boats
94 submarine chasers
17 gunboats
29 mine countermeasure vessels
68 submarines
11 replenishment ships
(232 auxiliaries)

Korea begins looks like a very small area, and China begins to look quite large with the Chicom Quigdao Naval base in the Yellow Sea in the Chinese North Sea Fleet. What would be a very good question for Donald Trump to have someone ask, if Christians or Loyalists were there in the secret meetings of McMaster and Mattis who the Pentagon will not tell where the US carrier task forces are, so they make President Trump sound foolish in his lack of knowledge, is has anyone asked the question, "YES THE 3 AMERICAN CARRIER GROUPS CAN ENTER THE SEA OF JAPAN, BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF THE CHINESE BLOCKADE THE KOREAN STRAIGHTS IN THE SOUTH AND THE RUSSIANS BLOCKADE THE NORTH SEA OF JAPAN, IN THE STRAIGHTS OF TSUGARU, LE PEROUSE AND TARTARY?"

Is  America going to start world war or is America going to be held hostage until America agrees to deal peacefully with North Korea, by nuclear powered China and Russia?

File:Major Naval Units.png

Russia is feeling vulnerable by the American presence of the Trump gun boat diplomacy, as America would if the Eurasian Navies appeared in the Gulf of Mexico threatening Mexico with nuclear  weapons.
The Russia response then is to reveal they have their own  e bombs as America has in frying Kim Jong Un missiles,  but the Russians will fry entire carrier group electronics.

Russia claims it can wipe out entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb’

Then again President Putin has joined the 150,000 Chicom PLA troops on the North Korean border which both Russia and China share, as Mr. Putin deploys surface to air missiles to shoot down American aircraft and missiles, and tanks to cross into North Korea to protect Russian interests in stability and the North Korea buffer, just as America would.

Putin moves missiles to North Korea border as Russia gets ready for WAR

For all of the tough talk of President Donald Trump on North Korea, no one mentions that there are Russian and Chinese nationals all through North Korea, including the areas which Mr. Trump is brandishing bombs over.
Mr. Trump used his blow up Russian card, when he was IVANKUCKED over his daughter's misplaced "do something" in Syrian Tomahawks. You get one kill Russians card and Donald Trump used that up. When it comes to North Korea, the Russians will strike with extreme prejudice........and again Donald Trump is presenting 3 aircraft carrier groups to the Russians, Chinese  and North Koreans to inflict upon or hold hostage.

......and whose counsel is this? Why this would be the Mini Don who is in hours  meetings during the week with President Trump, filling the President's thoughts with thee worst counsel in the history of America.

Oh and you meet with Veterans, to keep the military who is going to die in Ivanka  Wars pacified, as you listen to Dr. Strangepud telling you to love the bomb.

  • 10:30AM: President Trump meets with Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin
  • 11:30AM: President Trump signs S. 544 the Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act
  • 2:30PM: President Trump welcomes the Super Bowl Champions: The New England Patriots to the White House – Watch LIVE
  • 3:30PM: President Trump meets with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster

If you have any sense, the reality of the above should have you concerned, as America should NOT be in this situation and placing America in this situation is absolutely not just a danger, but a complete threat to the American Empire. This goes wrong one of a half dozen ways and the United States ends as a world power and it drives America back behind her ocean fortress to await invasion by the Eurasians.

Now are you still going be mocking Kim Jong Un or appreciating his genius, in now he has China and Russia protecting him, and Donald Trump on the ropes and the situational projection of the end of America as a world leader.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no one else will.

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