Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Sea of Japan as the Tomb of Empires

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As President Donald Trump listens to his M & M advisers, who can not even count on the Pentagon to inform there where carrier groups are located, the omens of the deployment of the Reagan, Nimitz and Vinson, to the Sea of Japan are something which warn that the Americans should not venture there, because the Sea of Japan has a history of destroying Empires.

In reality, three empires ended in the Sea of Japan. The first was the Mongol Empire of Kublia Khan who assembled a massive invasion fleet for Japan, which never reached there, because the Divine Wind destroyed the Chinese fleet in the ocean, saving Japan.

Japan's Kamikaze Winds, the Stuff of Legend, May Have Been Real

... which according to legend thwarted Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan's attacks on Japan, ... the Mongolian invasion of Japan in ... his fleet was destroyed.

The next empire to meet it's end in the Sea of Japan was the worst military defeat in Pacific War history, when the Czar's Baltic Fleet sailed around the world to meet the Japanese Navy, and was caught by surprise in the fog, and was literally obliterated by Admiral Tojo, who in the greatest battleship battle of the Pacific in two days made the Russians surrender.

Battle of Tsushima - Russo-Japanese War - Heihachiro Togo

Leading the Japanese fleet to sea, ... In the fighting, the Russian fleet was effectively destroyed with 21 ships sunk and six captured. Of the Russian crews, ...

The last empire was Japan herself, in being driven back and back from Coral  Sea, Midway and up the straights had only Kamikaze or Human Divine Wind to protect the Sea of Japan at the Battle of Okinawa, and were crushed there by the Americans.
It was the Battle of Kure which smashed the Japanese Navy and allowed complete access of Russian, American and British Navies to the Sea of Japan, ending Japanese Naval Power.

Battle of Okinawa in World War II -

A demolition crew from the 6th Marine Division watches dynamite charges explode and destroy a Japanese ... Japan to serve as a base for ... Fleet was largely ...

Bombing of Kure (July 1945)

So this inland sea, which is a pond really on the fronts of an American base in the South, South Korea, North Korea, China, Russia and Japan, is a mysterious force throughout history where empires go to die. Not one ocean place on earth is it a grave to more nations who ventured to this region.
It is interesting that this inland sea chain connected by straights is still part of the Japanese strategy to destroy the Chinese Navy, in the day when China makes her move to replace the Americans.

Japan's Master Plan to Destroy the Chinese Navy in Battle ...

Japan's Master Plan to Destroy the Chinese Navy in Battle. Harry J ... It seems that Japan is developing plans to craft its own ... Seventh Fleet headquartered at ...

This is now where President Trump has placed his carrier groups, which is 400 miles from Peking, is within reach of Pyongyang and is frontage to the  largest Russian military base in Asia, Vladivostock. There is something about the spirits of the Sea of Japan which is intent on removing an empire who troubles her waters.

It would be advisable to keep the carrier groups out of that Sea, to parade American ships there of lesser tonnage as an oil  tanker is as American as a flag ship, and not stake thee entire American Empire on something which could be remedied by a shot of saki and porn cd in every North Korean no one desires to send missionaries to North Korea.

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