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The Land of the Living - The Sea of the Dead

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All have paid in the Sea of Japan and all assembled there would be comforted in their dead if America joined them in their undersea locker.

If one mentions the Russo Japanese War, some might recall President Theodore Roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating a peace for that war in his home between Russia and Japan.
What is not understood though is the horrific Battle of Tshushima Straight or the South Korean Straight which ended Imperial Russia in 1905 AD in the year of our Lord.

Battle of Tsushima - Wikipedia

The Battle of Tsushima (Russian: ... the first warship to be sunk was the Russian battleship ... (Japan) locates the Russian Baltic Fleet and sends a wireless signal.

Most do not comprehend, that

It was the four main factors of war which contributed to the demise of the Russian fleet. Coupled with the reality that the Japanese fleet was a well regulated militia, equal to the Russians, it brought about the disaster to the Russian Crown. Just as the English long bow killed the French, the Japanese cannon maintained a 1000 yard range over the Russian gunnery, still based on the mix of cannonade and heavy with light gun compliments.

The Japanese had the British rangefinder of Barr and Stroud
The Japanese utilized wireless radio to track the Russian fleet in heavy fog.
The Japanese utilized long range gunnery.
The Japanese utilized high explosive shells.

Commander Vladimir Semenoff, a Russian staff officer aboard the flagship Knyaz Suvorov, said "It seemed impossible even to count the number of projectiles striking us. Shells seemed to be pouring upon us incessantly one after another. The steel plates and superstructure on the upper decks were torn to pieces, and the splinters caused many casualties. Iron ladders were crumpled up into rings, guns were literally hurled from their mountings. In addition to this, there was the unusually high temperature and liquid flame of the explosion, which seemed to spread over everything. I actually watched a steel plate catch fire from a burst."

If there had not been a Tsushima, there would not have been a weakened Russia drawn into World War I, a Russian revolution which defeated both Germany and Russia, setting the stage for World War II, where Adolf Hitler in order to restore Germany, would not have attacked the Soviet first before Stalin would have attacked Germany.
If there had not been a Tsushima, the Japanese would not have learned they had the Asian superiority to adapt western technology of the master race of Japan, to expand as the European powers and Americans had into Asia, leading to conflict in Asia, which inspired Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, as Japan believed the Americans would crumble after one attack as Russia had, because Americans were a mixed race of peoples.

The Battle of Tshuhima Straight was a matter of a short cut for the Russian Imperial Fleet which had sailed half way around the world from the Baltic Sea to confront Japan. If Russia had moved to the Pacific, instead of the Sea of Japan, and entered through the northern straights, they may have slipped into Vladivostok safely, but the Russians would still have been hampered by 1800's range sighting of the previous century, not long range gunnery and not superior high explosive shells.
Strafed and destroyed in port is as complete as Admiral Togo crossing the T on the Russian fleet and shattering the Russian fleet, ship by ship.

Tsushima and her ghosts are many from Kublai Khan's fleet, the Russian Fleet, the Japanese Fleet and scattered Americans who now await a misstep in American policy to have an end of empire event in the Sea of Japan too.

There is a vast difference in one American carrier group in the Sea of Japan, with the carrier in port at Toyama, with two escort cruisers operational in the area where  Kim Jong Un's missiles would land as an excuse for American firepower to be unleashed and placing 3 carrier groups into a landlocked Sea of Japan, with only 5 straights to escape from and all 5 can be blockaded with surface ships and mines to hold the carrier groups hostage until America appears before the United Nations, humiliated, and made to make peace with North Korea.

The Lame Cherry has been busy publishing scenarios to warn Americans, of the reality, that President Donald Trump is not receiving astute advice and counsel, and that no one is in his security group or West Wing Cabal who is cable of asking pertinent questions, pointing out the above in all case scenarios that this indeed can go horridly wrong, that America can be checked and ultimately humiliated and in worse case scenario this President will be blamed for a situation where no one will remember dud missiles from North Korea, but the white flagging of American carriers or the deaths of numerous peoples.

It is not prudent to place 3 carrier groups into the Sea of Japan. It may be coincidence or it may be that individuals giving counsel to Mr. Trump have been reading this blog again, and have not understood the context of what this blog was advocating as policy and foolishly have initiated responses which are flat world.

The policy is peace. The policy is walk softly and carry a big stick. The policy is not Ivankuck, tweet loudly and place your fleet at risk.

The dead long to be comforted and my policy is not to comfort them with American dead.

There is are reason from Commodore Perry to Admiral Halsey, the American fleet did not sail into the Sea of Japan for reason. History is auditioning to repeat itself.

On Nov. 18, 1952, U.S. Panther jets like this one found themselves in a fight to the death with Soviet MiGs over the Sea of Japan. The entire incident remained top secret for years. (Image source: WikiCommons)

“It seemed as if the fliers involved might be firing the first shots in a whole new conflict — World War Three.”

THE COLD WAR wasn’t always that cold. In fact, on a few occasions it got downright hot.
One of those instances occurred on Nov. 18, 1952 over the Sea of Japan when a brief but furious dogfight broke out between a flight of four Soviet MiG-15s and an equal number of F9F-5 Panther jets from the carrier USS Oriskany.

Nuff Said

Asshur is there.
There is Elam.
There is Meshech and Tubal.
There is Edom, the princes of the north, and the Zidonians.
 31 Pharaoh shall see them, and shall be comforted over all his multitude, even Pharaoh and all his army slain by the sword, saith the Lord GOD.
 32 For I have caused my terror in the land of the living: and he shall be laid in the midst of the uncircumcised with them that are slain with the sword, even Pharaoh and all his multitude, saith the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 32