Monday, April 3, 2017

Unmasking is not a Crime

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Interesting that Mike Cernovich is being fed intelligence pointing to Susan Rice as the source of the unmasking. Interesting because who is the source, and the fact that it was Maggie Haberman who was given the exclusive at the New York Times, who is Katie Walsh's favorite leak to in print.

Cernovich - Obama Natl Sec Advisor Susan Rice
Responsible For Unmasking Trump Team 

I will repeat what inquiry stated and still states, in it was Mike Rogers who was behind this. This does not mean that Susan Rice did not view files or make requests.
It does mean that the very WHITE Trump Administration is now taking a demure Negress out to the Guest Room to check under her skirt  and give her a good going over by the massah.

That is the way this will play and looks to Blacks and is being set up for this purpose.'

I am not defending Susan Rice, but IT WAS HER JOB, considering the fake intelligence being planted by MI6 on money laundering to Donald Trump from Russia which is what started this, and then the Pissgate and Trump Tower spying, which unmasked Mike Flynn. By then there was a hysteria in the Obama regime, and once again, Susan Rice had authority to do what she did. If you read the reports coming out carefully, it does not state that she is he one who was disseminating the information. That was Obama's order in 12333 and the keys to this still are two cabinet offices in John Kerry at State as this blog reported in the massive document dumps to Democrats, and the Department of Defense in Evelyn Farkas not even being there, and how Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald was privy to classified information as Farkas was featured there.

I will repeat Susan Rice had every authority to do what she did, and would have been prosecuted for not doing her job in that climate. The question is who DISSEMINATED that unmasked information, and inquiry points to Mike Rogers still, and this then expanded out to Kerry and Farkas.

Mike Cernovich gets a story which the NYT's is sitting on for reason, but the Gorilla who people remember associated with the Alt White, is now the source lynching an uppity black woman. Sure Susan Rice is the focus for a reason to take the fall, but now an entire political permeation of the Obama base, reinforcing Trump racism has become the talking point.

That appears sort of brilliant for rallying the Obama Clinton rioters does it not?

Unmasking is not a crime, because it is signed off on. The crime is the leaking of classified information which this was to others in the media and former regime officials who used this to smear Donald Trump and his parts of his transition team..........that Jared Kushner, Katie Walsh, Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon wanted gone.

You have been diverted and now this is a racial mess.

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