Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kim Jong Un Wins By Losing

Kim Jong-un was noticeably relaxed and appeared happy as he attended the 'Day of the Sun' military parade in Kim Il Sung square - which celebrates his grandfather - the founder of North Korea

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So Kim Jong Un's missile blew up, and it does not matter as the inept mind celebrates, because at this point President Donald Trump has traded away America to China, and a nuclear war with Russia, as he has placed the integrity of his presidency on the reality of starting a nuclear war in Asia over a man whose missiles are no threat at all.

You do get this in understanding this, in President Trump is embroiled in a fake intelligence chemical weapon's fiasco in Syria and now has Japanese and South Koreans terrified of dying over his policy, as the Trump base in in open rebellion, as millions more dollars are wasted on a carrier deployment, which looks like America is afraid of a man who is not a threat at all.

The worst thing in the world was this missile blew up. So if Trump hackers blew it up, Kim blew it up for this outcome, or it was an act of God, Donald Trump looks like he is boxing at shadows, and Kim Jong Un came out on top, as it looks like the world powers are picking on him.
It is worst of all in the propaganda press that they are showing what fools they are in not realizing they do no understand that Kim Jong Un looking weak, begins to seed into people's  minds that this is another Trump dangerous over reaction.

The best possibility in this situation was for his missile to have hit some city in  Canada, Japan or the American lower 48, and that way it would cemented the warnings of Prophet Trump.

Kim has accused President Donald Trump of provoking his nation towards armed conflict with a series of increasingly aggressive moves, including sending the USS Carl Vinson to the Korean peninsula.
It does not matter the reason in luck or human folly in this missile, as in the long run Kim Jong Un won this round, and when North Koreans begin starving this winter because Donald Trump got China to cut off oil supply so farmers there could not plant and exchange for China dumping steel into America so American steelworkers lose their jobs and blame Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un wins again in world perception.

This was extremely poor deployment and counsel again not serving the President. It did not help in the CIA propaganda machine in the New York Times was planting stories that it could hack Kim's missiles and blow them up.

Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles

If all it takes is an algorithm from Jared Kushner, then what are all those Americans on ships being put into jeopardy for?

It is not Kim's missile which failed. It was the President of the United States failing twice in less than two weeks, to miniature powers, and China and Russia trumping Donald Trump.