Saturday, April 15, 2017

President Trump's Incomplete Intelligence Assessments

China issues stern warning...
Trump loves big show of military force...

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All credit for this interesting postulation arises in the fondness of Tim Rifat for promoting the use of Cobalt 60 as a cleansing agent of all things filled with sap and blood in the art of warfare.

It is well known that detonating a hydrogen bomb of any size, in a volume of cobalt 59, converts it to cobalt 60, which will kill humans for 5 years before it's half life expires.

The thing is Mr. Rifat, mentioned a scenario of plumes of rockets over South Korea and perhaps Alaska or lower 48 cities, in which no nuclear detonation occurred, but instead dust was produced much to the consternation of the strange North Korean salvo.
The point being that North Korea could load a dust bomb on a warhead and in that fine lethal radioactive dust contaminate the area, the people, and the people would carry from that area, contaminating all until they fell over rotted dead.

The American analysts have a great love of their genius in dismissing things like North Korean firepower in the tens of thousands of artillery pieces which could launch 500,000 rounds on Seoul in a half hour. The always experts like to state that this could not level Seoul in making it Dresden, but then again incendiaries did a ripping good job from B 29's in Tokyo and the British did a great holocaust in Dresden.

North Korea's most threatening weapons are its 170 mm Koksan artillery guns, which are 14 meters long and can shoot conventional mortar ammunition 40 kilometers (25 miles). That's not quite enough to reach Seoul, which is 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the DMZ. But if they use rocket-assisted projectiles, the range increases to about 60 kilometers (37 miles). Chemical weapons fired from these guns could cause even greater mayhem.
North Korea experts Victor Cha and David Kang posted on the website of Foreign Policy magazine late last month that the North can fire 500,000 rounds of artillery on Seoul in the first hour of a conflict.

Fire is as lethal of weapon as any explosive, and a radioactive dust is as lethal as any atomic detonation.

North Korea has a nuclear reactor to produce cobalt 60, but what if it did not require cobalt 60, or perhaps the North Koreans might have put in metal dust into their reactor, and create a devil of problem all through South Korea, Japan and the United States.
Here is an example of what a little radioactivity will accomplish as found on Wiki.

  • December 1983 – Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. A local resident salvaged materials from a discarded radiation therapy machine containing 6,010 pellets of cobalt-60. The transport of the material led to severe contamination of his truck. When the truck was scrapped, it in turn contaminated another 5,000 metric tonnes of steel to an estimated 300 Ci (11 TBq) of activity. This steel was used to manufacture kitchen and restaurant table legs and rebar, some of which was shipped to the U.S. and Canada. The incident was discovered months later when a truck delivered contaminated steel building materials to the Los Alamos National Laboratory drove into the facility through a radiation monitoring station intended to spot radiation leaving the facility. Contamination was later measured on roads used to transport the original damaged radiation source. Some pellets were actually found embedded in the roadway. In the state of Sinaloa, 109 houses were condemned due to use of contaminated building material. This incident prompted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Customs Service to install radiation detection equipment at all major border crossings.
  • September 1987 – Goiânia accident in Brazil; four people died from caesium radiation poisoning during their search for scrap metal, and 249 other people had significant radiation exposure.

What if North Korea augmented their own production of lethal metals, but what if they have been busy for years acquiring various nuclear wastes and loading them into artillery shells. What if the Tim Rifat scenario has been initiated, how does a scorched South Korea, Japan and parts of America fit into this war scenario?

What is the White House going to respond with, a nuclear penetration bomb killing a million Pyongyang tunnel dwellers or would the pictures of millions of South Koreans and Japanese bleeding from radioactive poisoning, as tens of thousands of American Soldiers are dying in the same scenario, as what happens to American public opinion with several American cities dying from the same effects and trillions of dollars in clean up?

See the always experts always are so certain about their victories, but what happens if it is dirty dust bombs, and the only American retaliation is scorching the bunkers of Pyongyang, and Kim Jong Un and the leadership surviving, and America can not land a search force, because the North is radioactive too.

As no one has discussed this scenario in print, nor has it been mentioned by the war experts in the White House and outside in the intelligence community, perhaps as it surprises you, it might surprise the experts and they will not have an answer.......and it would be proper to actually ask the American leadership of this before all of us get a surprise in a type of warfare that only Tim Rifat seems to enjoy lecturing about.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.....and it is rather a reality that the Trump security briefers brandishing their big sticks have not informed the President of a scenario which has not been thought of.
What does America do with dirty bombs polluting entire cities and contaminating a hundred thousand Americans Soldiers? It is a bit impossible to bomb the Pyongyang bunker to submission, without looking murderous and the world would probably judge Mr. Trump harshly in that scenario, along with a scenario where he caused the nuclear pollution of South Korea, Japan and parts of America, for which he will be blamed and if he responds conventional it is worthless murder and if he responds nuclear it is worthless murder.

President Donald Trump sincerely needs more than Kushner cabal and Neocons producing a North Korean policy where the Pentagon is ready to break things again which will in this case have the opportunity to break the world and shatter the United States.
The President could have the most hollow of victories by losing the first and last nuclear war America is ever involved in.
The President is receiving unsound counsel.

GORKA: I think what you saw happen today is an incredibly important and incredibly positive development. We know that this murderous regime has sponsors. One of the most important sponsors is Moscow. Right now, I can tell you inside the Kremlin, they're making a very simple calculation. How much longer should we support Assad in Damascus because it may reach a point where it is no longer in Vladimir Putin's interests to do so. And I think that's why his government met with our representatives.

GORKA: I interpret that one of the most significant geostrategic nations in the world is also drawing the right conclusions about the fact that America is back and America is leading. We're not interested in being global cop. We're not going to be the world's policeman. But there are standards that we insist on.