Monday, April 17, 2017

The 1600 Kushner Bog

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain something which it will be engaged in, as it has been engaged in for the American majority, in giving it a voice, now that the "adults" as we were told a month ago were in charge in the West Wing. Though they were not named, the "adults" were the puppets of Jared and Ivanka Kushner, who are defined and neocon warmongers like HR McMaster, Sec. Mattis and Rex Tillerson, with the New York Valued cabal of the Kushners, Dina Powell and Gary Cohn.

The subject of this expose is North Korea. The focus is the policy against North Korea concerning Kim Jong Un's Sun Day Missile Launch. Only the Lame Cherry explained that Kim wins by losing, as people begin to ask why is Donald Trump wasting millions of dollars on carrier deployments and giving America away to the Chicoms for their support, when the reality is Donald Trump can just dial up a hack program and crash Kim's missiles.

All of you were told to celebrate this and laugh at Kim in mocking him, because you like to rub it in, as you have such shitty lives under Donald Trump, what the Lame Cherry is about to accomplish though is to expose you to what a Pat Buchanan, a Mike Deaver, a Cap Weinberger was like employed as a counselor to President Reagan, and by the time  this is done, you are going to be saying "Oh shit!!!", again in how asstard this latest Trump policy is in blowing up North Korean missiles.

This began with the CIA/NSA leaking information to the New York Times that Obama had been conducting cyberwarfare against Kim Jong Un in blowing up those missiles. So you understand this, that policy is what has us now talking about nuclear war, and that means it is a failed policy.

I will now take you to what was taking place inside the Trump White House, because we know what happened by the result of that detonated missile.

The President tweets, something has to be done. He asks his right and left brain of Mattis and McMasters and they come up with a Pentagon solution in they will hack this Kim missile and blow it up to solve everything.
Tillerson says Amen and carriers are deployed, Mr. Trump gets China to cut off oil to North Korea and coal trade, which makes North Korea more ready to use nuclear weapons in being vulnerable as the carrier group appears on the heals of a Russian missile cruiser sitting in port in South Korea.

Do you think Kim Jong Un was pleased about being humiliated on his great Dynasty Sun Day? It does matter, because Kim has the hydrogen bombs and has a western mindset of doing things like running successful operations to assassinate his brother in Malaysia as the brother was a  CIA asset.

So Kim is even more upset and so are the millions of North Korean zealots who would die for their dear leader.

Is  making Kim more desperate a good thing or a bad thing for South Korea, Japan or the United States?
Yes there is sunprancer stupidity saying, "Yeah but they were launching nuke missiles!!!"

Yes Kim was and before you ever try to duel with the Lame Cherry in debate by stating flatworld simp, what did Russia learn?

Come on answer the question, because this is what Pat Buchanan would have been raising the red flags over if he had been in the White House with this asstard policy.

Have we not been concerned by all of the classified intelligence which has been leaked  for months in the fake news of Russian hacking? Yes we have, and now look what Donald Trump signed off on, with Rex Tillerson, because HR McMaster and Maddog Mattis told Donald Trump to let an out of control Pentagon to blow up whatever the hell they pleased, to keep Ivanka Trumpenfuror EVERY ONE in the world now knows for certain that the reason Kim Jong Un's missiles were blowing up under Obama was due to cyberwarfare, and now the Russians know it for certain, the Chinese know it for certain and the Iranians know it for certain.

This intelligence confirmation by the Turmp administration cost these adversaries NOTHING. It was handed to them and now do you know what they are doing?

All of the above, including North Korea is completing ways to harden their software so it can not be hacked, they are engaged in developing their own motherboards so windows can not be placed in them, and their missiles will be hardened to not be penetrated by microwave reprogramming bursts.

Now do you want that United States cyberwarfare trump card for when the real nukes take off or do you want to waste it on a Kim missile which he was going to crash in the ocean any way?

OOPPPSSSS, the entire Trump security and counsel team did not ask the questions which were supposed to be asked so that America would not be handing over classified information, so these adversaries are now all completing ways to neutralize American cyberwarfare, and they are more inclined to launch a first strike, before they become vulnerable again.
This becomes worse as these nations begin using countermeasures in "as America will overcome our high technology, let us just use low technology of some transport ship dropping off cobalt hydrogen bombs on the American coast to be our trump card when push comes to shove.

What you didn't want this and now your celebrations of pissing on Kim Jong Un is not such fun any more?

Just keep reading, because this becomes worse. You do know the internet story of an American Aegis cruiser was in the Russian Black Sea and a Russian jet flew over and the ENTIRE SYSTEM SHUT DOWN right?
If you require more of an explanation, how about this one in as America can disable North Korean nukes, then Russia, China, North Korea and Iran can disable all of those beautiful and wonderful chocolate cake American high in the Chicoms have been making parts for the US defense industry for years.

Probably makes you a bit uncomfortable with the probability in these Eurasians now  have confirmed weapon's systems can be spoofed, so they will naturally shut down the American systems when Americans need them..........because you know that master negotiator Donald Trump has replaced illegals with legal high tech workers who are foreign agents and are in access from everything from CENTCOM, the White House, Boeing, Microsoft, the nuclear power plants in America and that foundation of the entire American infrastructure of war in GPS.
Can you just imagine if Chicom malware accepts Moscow programming of US satellites in the American nuclear response in America, and the satellites tell the missiles that the coordinates of Russia are now America.

This is not so much fun any more in "doing something" to make distract Americans from Donald Trump not keeping his promises because the West Wing Cabal has in a coup, when that something begins sprialing out of control, due to the worst intelligence leak and confirmation coming from the White House advisers, who listened to the out of control Pentagon, because there were not any Christians or Loyalists in those briefings asking the President and his liberals and warmongers, "Sir this is going to confirm to North Korea and the rest of the world we have this cyberwarefare and it will set off a cyberwarfare against America, where we can not defend against low tech attacks and it only requires us being wrong once in a high tech attack.....and Mr. President Sir, our great missile defense  in THAAD still misses 5% of incoming missiles and five hydrogen bombs in South Korea, Japan, our fleet or the Lower 48 is something America can not recover from. What you are engaged in, is  mutually assured destruction, and Americans did not vote for this Administration to return us to the 1960's John Kennedy nuclear holocaust of Cuba".

Each of you who is not some sand creeper or wearing Utah wife beaters, have concluded that Donald Trump really should have had the Christians and Loyalists in his Adminstration to ask the ADULT QUESTIONS, as what has been coming out of the White House has been nothing but absolute blunders which the Kushner propaganda has been calling Wisdom.

Thee only opportunity America now has, and that is what the Lame Cherry is engaged in, is to explain in every situation the horrific mistakes that President Trump is piling up, and that those mistakes are coming from Ivanka and Jared. the New York Valued and the Neocon bomb throwers. Once the majority begins to understand this disaster, then it will filter through to those who are being shoved out by this West Wing Cabal, and it will reach the President, who hopefully will have the character to bring in the advisers who perhaps can salvage bits and pieces of America as war is coming.

The humiliation that Donald Trump put Russia through, they are finished with him. China has played him and they are convinced he is a fool. The fringe players are already moving to see who can blame the other in striking a 9 11 below against America to cripple the war machine so they can survive.

There was major trouble when the Pentagon bitch slapped  Donald  Trump in stating that they did not need the President to drop the MOAB mega bomb. For the record, if some popular girl was an advisor, that spokesman, his commander and the Air Force commander would have all relieved of command and facing insubordination, and a every brass tack in the military would have been read the riot act until they shit themselves so they understood that Donald Trump was in charge and not them.

See, another colossal mistake and the West Wing Cabal let it all slide, because all they understand are military contracts and Ashkenaz economic rape of Americans.

So you understand this, in closing, confirming the downing of that North Korean missile has additionally cost America one trillion dollars and years of research to weaponize cyberwarfare again in missiles.  The adversaries of America can fix this in months with not much investment.

The only way to save a remnant of America is to expose all of this, to bring the correct response from the President to drain his own bog.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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