Thursday, April 13, 2017

The answer to being pissed on by the President

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Trump kneecaps Bannon

As President Donald Trump is going through the list of those groups he has hoisted on pikes from Christians, the Alt Right, Loyalists, Conservatives and now Nationalists in Steve Bannon, the Lame Cherry has some advice for the exiles, and specifically Rebekah Mercer, who this blog affectionately refers to as Dame Edna, and that is for Dame Edna to not wait around to be put on a pike, but that she seize this opportunity to unite the Trump factions in the leading oligarchs running PACs from Florida, Texas, Montana, and Nevada, before Katie Walsh seizes their bank accounts in an FBI investigation and creates BNN, the Bannon News Network.

As the Mercers already control Breitbart's media empire, this empire needs to be expanded upon in employing Steve Bannon as CEO, and Lee Stranahan as COO.
The board would direct media flow, but not direct media content. Meaning the Mercers and the oligarchs combine to dethrone liberal Murdoch FOX and replace it with an umbrella group, based on the Lame Cherry Channel One, an internet variation of content.

What requires producing is melding everything from Jeff Rense, Clear Channel, Alex Jones to various bloggers to drive content, read by FOX skirts in short skirts to create round the clock populist content.

Bring in the floundering Mark Levin to Chris Ruddy in their media operations, and if necessary spin it off as  an ESPN two. Remember that cable is now an open field as ESPN and various media are being unsubscribed to. This is the opening to drive BNN through.
Add Christian Broadcasting and the entire Reagan Coalition is in being pumped out in volume in the decibels that America longs to hear.

In addition, get a Musk type to join in to launch a WIFI satellite system which will stream media at high speeds, unlimited, for 20 dollars per subscriber as the BNN platform.
This would be a 10 trillion dollar company within 2 years.

Then the reality would be, that President Trump either keeps his campaign promises and stops declaring war on everything in Eurasia which moves, or the Tea Party arises through BNN, and primaries Donald Trump, and replaces him with a Republican nominee who will carry out all that Donald Trump promised, and have a Congress who will construct the legislation.

Donald Trump has become Jeb Bush in Obama's 3rd term, with Ivanka Trump as Hillary Clinton lurking in the wings. America can not recover with Obamacare in place, no tax relief, no jobs and an extension now of everything Donald Trump railed against from NAFTA to TPP. America can not survive more of these Neocon Wars.

Waiting around for the Trump regime to implode has absolutely no merit, because America is out of time and can not afford more Neocon wars and debt. This is what Steve Bannon should be employed to do, and Rebekah Mercer needs to invest her money in a media operation, instead of wasting her money on PACs which feed the leviathan consuming all of us.

Mr. Bannon’s allies have already begun discussing a post-White House future for him. Last Friday, Mr. Bannon’s main political patron, the financier Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of Robert Mercer, a major Trump donor, holed up in her office at Cambridge Analytica in New York, discussing possibilities for Mr. Bannon should he leave, according to two people briefed on the meeting. Mr. Bannon served on the board of the data-mining firm until last summer.

As for Corey Lewandowski, your allegiance to the President is complimentary, but your propaganda fails to note that Mr. Trump's advice and counsel is based on fake intelligence, incompetent political theory and corrupt leftist rebellion. Mr. Trump is uninspired and without God's Wisdom. There is a vast difference between President Reagan in satire outlawing the Soviet Union, and President Trump shooting Tomahawks at a Russian People who have been taught since HW Bush that Americans abuse Russians, lie to Russians and are nation rapists.
Any diplomacy with Russia is dead for the next 4 or 8 years due to what Donald Trump has engaged in.
Mr. Lewandowski, you will not be brought back into the fold, and if you are, it is because this Trump echo chamber has imploded, and if you enter that, you literally will be destroyed in the din.
It is of note that you have defined Mr. Trump in this is his tar baby litter and no one else is to blame for this than him, no matter the fake intelligence nor the disaster of being IVANKUCKED.

“The media wants to perpetuate a narrative of Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones is telling the President what to do, nobody tells the president what to do. He takes advice and council from staffers across the spectrum and that he makes his own decision and I think what he is saying here very clearly is I will be the final decision maker on everything that happens so please don’t give someone else too much credit for what he actually achieved and he was the driving force behind that campaign. Let me be very, very clear about that.”
Corey Lewandowski on President Trump making all final decisions on what is best for his agenda

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