Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Reality of President Donald Trump's Trump Boat Korean Diplomacy

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President Donald Trump, you are about to shatter North Korea, and before you sprain your golf swing and your cheering fans drown out the reality that the reason they are now in a gulag of such hopeless lives is you abandoned them to rationed death, for the popular rationing of death out to brown skinned peoples, let the reality of assassinating Kim Jong Un and the shattering of North Korea be known in your beautiful chocolate cake world.





Foreign journalists in NKorea told to prepare for 'big' event...

Key Oz spy base on standby...

If your North Korea policy goes well, and by well it means that you do not destroy all of South Korea, that Japan and the American west coast are not nuked, if China does not get involved and drive America out of Asia in complete humiliation, this the reality of the Trump Korean Victory.

North Korea has a population of 25 million people, of which it can not feed 25 million people. That means that America is going to be required to pay for feeding, keeping warm, clothing and sheltering a debt the size of California for at least 5 years, which is will cost several trillion dollars per year.

North Korea has a paramilitary army, which comprises six million Koreans or the greater part of the adult population which are going to be saboteurs, assassins and terrorists to make America bleed.  North Korea will be Iraq amplified 100 fold.

As South Korea is not Germany in unifying with East Germany, as Germany was the most powerful and wealthy of nations, before unification, but it cost Germany all she was to absorb the dead weight of the communist East, South Korea will be stagnated and over run with a paramilitary and impoverished people incapable of fending for themselves.

North Korea is an 1800's nation in the 21st century. It will all have to be modernized at American, South Korean and allied expense, bankrupting all of these nations, succoring a people who loathe their new tormentors who made their existences to hells on earth.

As unification is the measure of Trump Korea, this means that a voting population of at least 12 million will be infused into South Korea, to overthrow South Korean democracy, and legally promote the Kim vision of a United People's Korea on the Kim Dynasty.

South Korea, will become an intelligence outflow of North Korean spies  having access to all American intelligence based in South Korea, including industrial secrets flowing into Russia and China.

This is the best case scenario of North Korean regime change, which will follow with millions of North Koreans in exodus flooding Australia, Japan and the United States, which will make the Mexican and Islamic invasions appear small.

The Korean peninsula will face epidemics of disease, famine, riots and the spread of the mayhem which always follows the pale rider of the Apocalypse. So when President Xi of China tells Donald Trump that China wants a peaceful solution, that is China not expressing its wishes, that is China in the PLA hardliners telling Donald Trump, that as in the Korean War, there is a 200 million man nuclear army about to take over North Korea when Mr. Trump attempts regime change, as China is not going to allow American Occidentals to humiliate Peking or any orientals again. That is why America has been stalemated in Korea and Vietnam, after World War II. The Asians are not going to allow America a victory again.

China's Xi tells Trump he wants peaceful solution to North ...

China's Xi tells Trump he wants peaceful solution to North Korea. ... the menace of North Korea," Trump ... Xi tells Trump he wants peaceful solution to ...

Obama voter Colin Powell was correct in the Rockefeller assessment warning to Bush fam, that if you break Iraq, YOU OWN IT. As we can assess from Bush fam, Clintons and Obamas breaking nations from Kosovo, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen etc.. for the past generation, that American Neocons break things completely and it bleeds America in blood and finance.

Mr. Trump is attempting to not make America Great Again, but is following Gary Cohn advice in another FDR debt war to make the military conglomerate complex rich, as Americans add one more link to their gulag chains.
America can not afford another crippling war, as Russia and China will move in the effects of Syria or North Korea. NATO is nothing but a fat fag green suited coffin filler. North Korea as Donald Trump is implementing it will bury America and what is left of the free world.
This is not what Ronald Reagan nor Caspar Weinberger would ever become engaged in, nor Teddy Roosevelt walking softly with a big stick, as America striking nations for a generation has died a little more with each blow. Whatever Donald Trump strikes at next will bleed America out as the globalists intend.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive assessment in matter anti matter.