Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saint Melania

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Not being a right legger, or a papist, I am not completely versed in how many miracles the Vatican figures you have to perform to be a Saint, as I think the number is three. So what does is matter that all are a Saints once they are washed in the Blood of the Lamb, because Melania Trump is just two miracles from being a papist saint.

In case you missed the high drama, Melania met with a sick child, prayed and 3 hours later he got a heart.

Boy found heart donor hours after Melania Trump visit | Daily ...

Sick little boy in need of a heart transplant has FOUND a donor just hours after Melania prayed for him in hospital and revealed her Catholic faith to the world;

My eldest sister died in a car accident when I was 8 years old, just before Easter in March of that year. It was as my dad said, "that was the damnedest phone call I ever got".
It was 2 AM and Mom had answered the phone and a Sheriff was calling so she got dad out of bed, and half asleep he was trying to figure out that he was being told his daughter was dead.
Why in hell law enforcement did not wait until morning as it happened 500 miles away, I never could figure out why as no one was going to know about it anyway, but that is the way things are when you are thinking life is normal and out of the blue, you get a call which changes an entire family's life.

None of us ever recovered from that death, as my sister was integral to the family in being the ring leader and the direction. The family just listed under my other sister who had no qualities but being selfish and self serving.

See what everyone is missing in Melania Trump's prayer in the miracle it is, is the fact that she prayed as right legger with good intentions for a child who needed a heart transplant. They do not stick adult hearts into children and as hearts are not on Walmart shelves or carved out of pigs, that means there is a family out there whose life was probably shattered as their child died, and the papist First Lady progressed that situation along.

I'm not going to inquire on this, as there is no point. They do not put sick kids hearts into kids who need transplants, so that means probably some healthy child died and the parents provided that heart for the Melania miracle.

I know a bit about donor organs too, as my neighbors who are the salt of the earth, had two of their children die and offered the organs up for transplant as some way of making sense of this awful scenarios.
I have watched them as our entire community had for over a decade, putting memorial poems and pictures in the paper, because they have not dealt with their children being dead, because they were told their children live on in organs, so their children are scattered in numbers of places to bring hope, but each day they bleed for those children in never having closure in their child is dead and their child is alive.
Organ donation is profit for the cartel, and the cannibalism goes on with the corpse of dead loved ones.

So I know this is not something of joy. I also know that unless you are David Rockefeller getting your umpteenth heart that normal people die and the celebrity and those connected get the organs. I highly doubt this was a Melania Miracle. This was someone who handles organs for profit, seeing this kid Melania prayed for, come to the top of the food chain, because calls are made, and promises are made, and you would be surprised how the conversation comes up for funding in, "Oh by the way, I saw Melania Trump praying for that sick kid, and made sure when a heart came up that it would make the politicans and Vatican look good, so remember that when my department needs funding."

Praying for a heart, is praying for someone else to expediently die, whether you comprehend that prayer or not. satan is a murderer and a taker of life and makes things happen just as much as God does in miracles. As I stated, I did not inquire as it does not matter, but this dead kid could have had the tower fall on them by accident or it could have been satan unleashed for the powers of the world in picking some kid off to elevate that Pater Pope who is according to David John Oates Reverse Speech, one of thee most heinous of pedophiles and perverts.

But we now have papist Melania, just two miracles away from Vatican sainthood, and all it took was one dead kid and probably a shattered family somewhere in Europe, unless it was like Elton John buying a white American kid, maybe someone jetted a dead American kid over or maybe it was some English mutton from a Muslim Manchester terror event. Maybe someone will find out and discover the dirt or the high praise of it all, so the right leggers and Hail Melania full of grace, and pray to her instead of Christ as Catholics are into necromania.

I don't know if Hail Mary will like the competition or maybe America will have it's own Fatima in time to come with Hail Melania, but I don't see a miracle in praying for a kid to die so a sick kid can have the dead kid's heart. Jesus never operated that way, and Christians never pray that way, but the Christians are a different sort in those left leggers.

Saint Melania in need of Two, had a full week in praising Muslims who deny Christ, cuddling with Jews who deny Christ and a Vatican which is led by falses christs.

Maybe Naboth had a vinyard.

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