Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mike Jack in the Box Pence's Coup Against President Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the White House signed my up for 1600 Daily Updates, or I should say some data miner stole my address and sold it to Trump Trans, I have had the venue of observing the Trump White House in action. I have been disquieted by the amount of face time that NSA HR McMaster dominates the President with his fake intelligence, but something the week of May 20th began appearing which has the Lame Cherry even more concerned, and it all revolves around a story from December that Mike Pence, before even in office, had created a Super Pac, in which to buy and sell influence. In effect, with this Super Pac, Mike Pence as Vice President, with all the legal authority to prosecute can leverage the rich and the conglomerates to donate only to him, or face problems.

This money well has only so much water in it, as 2016 proved, in Katie Walsh sucked up every last drop money so that even Big Jew in Jared Kushner could not leverage funds, and that meant Donald Trump was left high and dry.

We now have before us, the Indiana Mafia, that Big Koch entity which is about to suck the life out of every political campaign which is not Paul Ryan or Mike Pence approved. Just remember what happened to Governor Scott Walker who could have been President the moment he defied Big Koch in Iowa over ethanol production.

That is why the following official public notices concerning President Donald Trump, appeared extremely odd this past week, because it suddenly became the Vice President Mike Pence Daily 1600. In order for this change to have taken place this came directly out of the leaking White House communications group, and there are troubling questions in this.

As you can note in the below events, this looks more like the Mike Pence Presidency now, and Donald Trump is just the window dressing.

Pence Fundraising To Succeed Trump?

Today's Events

8:30 AM: Vice President Pence hosts a breakfast meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia
11:00 AM: President Trump and Vice President Pence meet with Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney
12:15 PM: Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the Business Council’s Annual Meeting
1:20 PM: Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the Council for National Policy’s 2017 Meeting
1:50 PM: President Trump departs the White House to begin his trip abroad, making his first stop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Today's Events

12:15 PM: Vice President Pence delivers the keynote address at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Invest in America! 2017 Summit
12:30 PM: President Trump meets with National Economic Director Gary Cohn
2:00 PM: Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the Laffer Associates 57th Washington Conference
2:50 PM: President Trump welcomes President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and leads a bilateral meeting. Vice President Pence will also participate in the bilateral meeting.
3:45 PM: President Trump holds a joint press conference with President Santos


Yesterday, President Trump delivered remarks at the United States Coast Guard Academy Commencement Ceremony
President Trump signed H.J.Res. 66 which nullifies the Department of Labor's rule on Savings Arrangements Established by States for Non-Governmental Employees.
President Trump issued a Memorandum on the Presidential Determination Pursuant to Section 1245(d)(4)(B) and (C) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
Vice President Pence spoke at the AAPI Heritage Month Reception yesterday, and was accompanied by Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao as well as the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verma.

While President Trump looks healthy, is  this a signal that something is wrong with the President?

Is this part of the coup against Donald Trump, which has included Mike Pence and his surrogates all along, in they have without the President's knowledge or by blackmail, forced President Trump to include the growing tumor on the office of the Vice President in Mike Pence in all events, as Donald Trump will be removed.

Patterns mean things, and this means something, and every Eurasian has spotted this manifestation being generated to promote Mike Pence. A nation can not have two leaders and there can never be a doubt about the leader in the White House remaining there for the security and continuance of the United States.

This simply appeared and was not anything which had taken place previously, and it was quite unheard of in past administrations. So as this only benefits Mike Pence, only appears to weaken the President, it is part of this same White House coup which began on the first day of the week with whispers of President Mike Pence.

For the record, Mike Pence was part of Trump Trans. The President trusted Mr. Pence, and yet it was Pence, Kushner and Priebus who cleaned out the Christians and the Loyalists.  Fully, the lions share of the problems of President Trump are generated from Mike Pence in Pence's coup plotting and leaking staff picks inside and outside the White House, as Mr. Trump was assured that if the President brought in the #NeverTrumpers, it would pacify them.
Let none of us ever forget, that it was Mike Pence's first and only responsibility due to his being best friends with Paul Ryan and a legislative guru to get through Mr. Trump's agenda in Congress and it was a disaster.

Now suddenly when the President is in trouble, up pops the one person who will benefit most in this President's demise, and that is the coup plotter from Day One in Mike Pence.
Do not forget the exclusives this blog posted on Mike Pence in the Indiana courts terming his actions as criminal in embezzling Obama illegals funding and how Pence was involved in scandals in October 2016 which would have sunk the Trump Candidacy.

Lame Cherry: Rhodes Hard and put away Pence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Ben Rhodes, yes the brother of Tiffany CBS News President, David Rhodes in the asset rich CIA ...

The Trump Presidency is in danger, and it is from the inside, and it is deeply troubling that Mike Pence has appeared again, and has aced out the President in the President's own daily briefings, and this was deliberate by design.
This could only happen if the President is ill, if the President is being leveraged by Mike Pence in blackmail or President Trump is unaware this subtle coup has taken place as his Communications Team, including Reince Priebus did not inform the President that Mike Jack in the Box Pence has just replaced the President.

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