Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why does the NSA promote Fake News and Censors Real News

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I was interviewed by Homeland Security, I asked why it was I had problems loading data whenever something interesting was being published by the blog, and they said it was must "net traffic" and I nodded in agreement, but I wonder at times, why is it that my Russian readership disappears, just as the fake intelligence was blaming Russian hacking and the President was Tomahawking Russians in Syria, and when I complained, that readership came back from zero readers, and when the fake news started pushing the anti Russian propaganda again, the Russian readership disappeared, and I complained about the NSA, and a few days later again the Russian readership spiked to record levels, and suddenly went to zero readers again.

Newt Gingrich was in Kiev Ukraine his past week when this latest foray into the political intrigue was set loose again against President Trump and he noted that the Ukrainian college students constantly asked him if the CNN reports were true, as they had to be true being on American television.
He informed them that they were fake news, but it dovetails into a reality which mirrors the Lame Cherry, in why is it that a Google blog, coming out in English, detailing American view points, which supports American Russian Peace, would ever be blocked by Russia, and the evidence points to those in deep state do not want the Lame Cherry being read in Eastern Europe, due to the fact that it would rebuff all the fake news of CNN and the BBC.

It should be noted that all of this MI6, CIA, NSA and Ukrainian, Baltic Russian hacking all centers in the Baltic states and Ukraine. The Russians have absolutely no problem with the Truth being read by their populations, but someone outside of Russia who controls the world wide web, has definite problems with real news reaching inside some nations, and censors that information, so only the Molotov Mob of CNN, NBC etc... ever is cable cast in to brainwash those peoples into thinking Donald  Trump hires hookers and Americans  hate Russians, in all of this fake news.

I have posted on this previously about the screen grabs of traffic flow on the Lame Cherry, which is not bot enhanced as Facebook or other sites claiming millions of unique users for ad revenue. I present to you three screen grabs as evidence of what I am speaking of.

The first is what is considered normal daily traffic flow on the Lame Cherry. As you can decipher the green areas are predominant readerships in Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, my pets in Slovakia, Russia, India and Australasia.
I have lesser readership in places like Kenya, South Korea, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia etc...

 This is a view of a B Typical Lame Cherry readership, depending upon if the Peking Girls are censoring this site from appearing in China, to alert the Chinese to what dragon masters they are enslaved by in a feudal few in control over the peasant many.
I expect that from China because that is what communists do, so China comes and goes.

 This is what a pattern then looks like whenever there is a push against Russia for war, these impeachment attacks upon President Trump, as Russia goes from being the number two readership to disappearing. As it is logical that Russia does not care about a nothing blog like this one, it is a question why does the NSA care about the content of this blog going into Russia via the free internet, as it is just a nothing blog which no one ever reads.

I noticed the same patterns in the Obama years, not in readership, but slow loading, people logging into this live feed to bounce me out, sitting quietly and observing, slowing things down, jamming things up, and every  time I noted it on the blog as Obama regime oriented, it would stop as whoever was behind it inside the regime, was being outed. Sometimes it was so flagrant spoofing just to make life difficult in intimidation which is an NSA trademark assaulted upon people as evidenced by the whistleblowers there whose lives turned  into a living hell once the NSA decided they did not appreciate operatives complaining about some flatbacker stealing their work.

It all though returns full circle to what Newt Gingrich noted in Ukraine, in there now appears to be a reality where the NSA in Mockingbird is literally producing nothing but fake news in media to destroy President Trump and make war with Russia, and in direct correlation the NSA is shutting down all honest sources from being read inside Russia to assure the Russians that Americans are not crazy, do not hate Russians and that Donald Trump is having a coup performed against him.

Someone is doing this in manipulating access to this blog. This is not some hacker, this is not Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, and this is not the Russian intelligence services as they are not about to censor a blog that is pointing out the reality of fake intelligence smearing them and President Trump.

If the Administration of Donald Trump finds out who is behind this, and who was behind wasting the time of two fine Homeland agents to interview this blog, over a wild goose chase, then the workings of the shadowlands will be exposed at it's nerve center of the real 1984 coup against America.

The Lame Cherry advocates a peaceful world, citizens obeying laws, the good relations with Russia, a stable American Government, so why would anyone be censoring that, unless they are advocating the opposite.

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