Saturday, May 27, 2017

The American End as a Chicom Colony

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The Lame Cherry is going back to three posts a day in too many pearls before the pigs.

Not a great deal of content to this post today warning of Chicom 50 year policy of Anglo Genocide. That is what is behind the breeder program in China.

China Ends One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children

The Chinese government eased its one-child policy in 2013, but the state news media reported on Thursday that Beijing was abandoning the policy completely.

China will put into place industry in Canada, America and Australia, in order to first employ natives, and then replace them with Chinese workers as a beach head in immigration flooding of western nations, in order to seize control of them.
America, Canada and Australasia will be colonized by China in the next 50 years, and be annexed as part of the Peking Soviet in 100 years.
This will include the Russian east also as China gains hegemony in Africa, it will mean the elimination of the Afroid also.

The long term strategic plan of China is to produce an additional 100 million Chinese adults beginning around 2035 AD in the year of the Lord. China means to implement the last American technological advances in order to begin the colonization of the planet Mars and other mining areas on the moons of other planets. This will require an additional 3 billion humans for this venture to control the interplanetary mining and colonization programme.

China deems to prevail as sole possessor of outer space by 2070 AD in the year of the Lord.

It will be deemed that the unsuitable indigenous peoples will be relocated after being impoverished to fulfill the first "waves" of "tenders" to the robotics. Except for genetic diversion samples, the Anglo American will be managed as the Tibetan.

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