Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Bridge Over Ivanka Waters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Considering what a money laundering disaster of debt higher education America has been degraded down to, there is bright news that President Donald Trump and Labor Secretary Acosta have embarked upon in an on-the-job learning program or apprenticeships.

On Tuesday, the president, the First Daughter, and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta will travel to Wisconsin to tour the Waukesha County Technical College, where they’ll promote new steps the administration will take to expand apprenticeships and make it easier for students to obtain skills-based education through “earn-and-learn” programs.

Considering though that the Lame Cherry has been advocating this fix for America, and posted this for the Trump Administration, it is once again a miracle on Ivanka Street, that she has to go half way around the world and have Mad Frau Cow Merkel enlighten her, instead of heeding the advice of those who support President Trump.

Ivanka Trump credited German chancellor Angela Merkel who has a frosty relationship with her father – for planting the seeds for the new initiatives by taking her on a tour of an apprenticeship facility in Berlin earlier this year.
“We looked around the globe and sought to find examples of where apprenticeships and workforce development and training programs were very successful and really thriving,” Ivanka Trump said on the conference call. “Germany is a great example of that.”
Ivanka Trump also said she would focus this week on promoting job opportunities for women and minorities in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math – where they are underrepresented.

 If you noticed in the above, it is not enough to put people back to work, but here comes Ivanka again pushing little boys to the curb for little girls, as she just can not leave well enough alone, as this West Wing Cabal taints everything it touches, as it has to put it's unbalanced liberal slant on everything to make it a disaster.

Everything Ivanka is involved with turns out poorly for President Trump. The worst of it is, this is the time for the insider Kushners to get the hell out of the spotlight, but here comes Ivanka into the frame to remind everyone that her husband was meeting with Russians, ready to talk about everything to undo the self destruction of James Comey, and put this Russian connection back to the front burner.

It is a point that Ivanka Trump does not understand in the WHITE PEOPLE in America who by God's Grace built America, have been so obliterated in their Christian work ethic that America is now cursed and imploding from all of this affirmative action and feminist dogma which has ruined the work force and production.
Instead of making America great again, Ivanka Trump is back at sinking the ship that her father is trying to float.

There was a time at promoting women, and that was 1960 and it has gone on for over 50 years, and turned them into soy milk males, who are caustic sociopaths using their wombs as baby killing machines or brothels. If the majority of women can not get it right in Hillary Clinton and a Reality Winner, it is time to stop being insane in expecting promoting them more is the solution. Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great or Margaret Thatcher did not need Ivanka Trump to rise to the top, no more than any of the women who worked to make America great before all this liberalism ruined it.

President Trump had a gift handed to him, in this moron James Comey going into meltdown, to take Jared Kushner off the front page and his wife. Jared Kushner though apparently can not control his wife, and Donald Trump apparently has been brainwashed into thinking that American voters have any support for more of this kicking little boys to the curb to lives of poverty or prison. There is a reason the Caucasian male is being suicided out of existence, and the reason is the Ivanka Trumps of this world.
As the President is not aware of this brooding fury in males being sacrificed for glass ceilings and females stuck at work filling in for Ivanka Trump as she takes kiddie time off, the President is building his sand castle again as the press will be on by democrats and neocons in Congress to save their asses from the disaster of James Comey, and their target will be to haul Jared Kushner before the panel to be grilled and let him do the talking implicating Donald Trump into a story which has been taken off the front page.

So we have learned that American Christian Conservative ideas are dismissed by the Ivanka Cabal in putting people to work, but Ivanka listens to the same message when she hears it in Merkel's Nazi Germany. We have learned that President Trump given a gift in being extricated from Russian hacking, is once again swayed by this problem child of his, putting Kushner brand back into the public eye, to start this maelstrom all over again.

How many chances does President Trump think he has to keep rising from the end of his Presidency once rescued only to have Ivanka push it back into the abyss.


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