Monday, June 12, 2017

The Goslings of Summer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

About a month ago, God had plans to rope me into something in my busy schedule which I really did not have time for, as gardens were not getting planted nor were chickens being raised for food. What took place though about 11 o' clock on the way home from errands as I was driving along was something in my mind of knowing exactly what was happening, while the rest of the world had no idea.

There was this hen goose in the middle of the highway with her mate on the shoulder. I knew what the situation was, but a white pick up in front of me like most dumb asses who run over 20 pound road kill coon, because they can not see it in the road, almost hit the goose hen as she took off and then almost rolled his pickup like the dumb ass he was.
A semi coming from the other direction slowed and missed the gander, but I pulled over and informed TL, "Little ones".

I knew there had to be goslings on the far side of the road in the ditch or the adults would not be there.

So off we went and TL spotted the flock first of 6 little ones. I did not want to raise Canada goslings as I was too busy, so the plan was to catch them, take them across the road and put them in the pasture as close as I could to the adults and make sure they took them.

The adults though kept moving away, and when I attempted to cross the fence they flew, so I knew the damage was done in those dumb asses almost hitting them, put the fear into them and parenthood was gone.

So I had 6 goslings, saved from being smashed on the road by other dumb asses, and stuck with them, because they were dead without me.

Into the pick we went, with the goslings crawling up in TL's hooded sweatshirt and singing and TL getting a first lesson in baby geese.

I am rural from birth. We always made a point if we destroyed nests in farming to bring the eggs home and incubate them to help wildlife out. It is not like now in farmers just smashing everything and having the game department blow hen geese off their nest with shotguns killing everything, as license are too expensive and farmers are too greedy, so animals get murdered.
I have raised pintail and mallard ducks, partridges and pheasants, and they are all wild as the wind spooky, but not Canada geese goslings. If only puppies were as obedient and attaching as goslings are from Canadians.

We have been raising them now a month, take them on walks and they sit at our feet and sing and preen. They are the perfect flock to our parenting. I have a special inflection in my voice in which I can say COME ON, and they will respond and follow as it is goose tone to them. They like HI GUYS too in responding with chatter.

I hope for a place so that we could release them on our land, as I do not want them shot by hunters which would be the case or chewed on by coyotes if I just left them off any place else. I will not keep them as Canadians do get spookier as they grow up, and that means they do not like captivity, so that means God showing the way in what to do with them.

They already have more than most things in life in they would have been dead by some dumb ass driver who would not slow down as Nom de Deus people are so busy now it never occurs to them to not run over people on the roads, so why stop for a goose.
If they would have been left where they were, chances are some would have been shot as the owner blows off some every year, and this flock actually feeds on a neighbors field north of here that is hunted.....more like the bad shooting hunters shoot at geese and scare them away.

It is though my Christian part in there was an opportunity to do good and it would be sin if I did not do what was good. It is also more than any of these Ivanka Trump or Al Gore earth advocates have ever done in their bogus climate change, as this is about getting shit on your hands, parenting animals, cleaning boxes and making a difference in a small way. No George Soros protest payments in this and no pale faced zombie judging all others as evil as they are vegan. This is what conservation is in sparing 6 goslings to have a God given chance in this world.

It is what Americans used to be about and do, but I do not understand Americans any more and I care even less for them. It is not hard to behave and doing something good, as it just requires not doing something bad.

Nuff Said