Sunday, June 11, 2017

China's Christocide

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Faith in a President is based in a trust that when Donald Trump speaks of Merry Christmas and America being a Christian Nation, that certain verbal covenants are in President Trump's mind and in his spirit he will abide in that Faith.

Problems though arise in beautiful chocolate cake policy with the dictators of China, whom the President praises as good guys and he likes, as the President attempts a Faustian deal with Peking to get them to deal with the conduit North Korea, whom China has built to be a weapon against the Americans in Asia.

Discomfort from Protestants in America begins when the President does not keep his word and breaks his word in pouring tens of thousands of Jesuit Mexicans and Militant Muslims into America, after the President assured Americans this green card visa nonsense would stop along with the illegal invasion.

Then there appears the Jews in the Kushner's who remove every Christian from the Trump campaign, the Transition and the White House, while doing deals with China.

Then there is the First Lady, a Marionite, a worshipper of the Virgin Mary, a Vatican disciple, whose sworn oath is every Protestant is damned to hell placing herself on display of this dogma, that every Lutheran in their long European memory has a Joan of Arc memory of what happened to the Protestants under Catholic burning at the stake, and why the Protestants all fled to America.

It is in this art of the deal that damning information has been floating around about China for over a year in the works of Dictator Xi, whose latest manifestation has been jailing Christians in mass.

This though has been a pattern for Donald Trump's great guy, and beautiful chocolate cake policy, which trades Christian lives in China for a Trump deal in North Korea.

JAILED: Authorities cage VICAR for two years after ‘divulging state secrets’

Vicar Hua was tortured for months, his family threatened with death, if he did not confess to trumped up charges of "state secrets" which was all about his being a Christian.

CHRISTIAN CRACKDOWN: China's horrifying religious oppression ‘most tyrannical’ in 40 years

This crackdown began in earnest before the 2016 election, and yet image Obama, Hilary Clinton nor Donald Trump made an issue of the butchery of Christians in China. The fact is Mr. Trump talked tough on trade, and then sold out American Morality to Xi over North Korea, abandoning Christians in China.

Horror as China tears down THOUSANDS of crucifixes in crude bid to eradicate Christianity

This Christicide began in earnest under Muslim Obama, and has gone on with a vengeance since, with the signal from Donald Trump that the issue is acceptable, as his Marionite Catholic wife  displays Vatican joy at the eradication of the competition in China and the Jews in family cast their Pur with the Chicom for profit.

China’s bid to ERADICATE Christianity: Man prosecuted for printing Christian leaflets

 The very same Christian ideals which put a Catholic death sentence on Wycliffe, Calvin and Luther, are in full force in China censorship and murder of Christians, and nothing but silence from President Trump.

China BANS Christian children from attending church and threaten parents with legal action

In an amazing feat, one year ago China banned children from hearing the Word of God, but embarked on a 2 baby policy to create a nation of breeders to populate America, Siberian Russia and Australia in a coming genocidal war against the West, and yet nothing but silence from Donald Trump.

 And finally this very day, the Chicoms of beautiful Trump cake, are still tearing Churches down and dragging the Faithful away.

Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them

President Trump has shown he has the right words when it is the campaign trial to appeal to Christians. He has morals when it comes to Terror Islam, until it is Saudi money for a war against Iran, or American values until it is Peking promises over North Korea.

The global attacks on Christianity are severe and a global policy initiated by the international financiers who hand the filthy lucre of the world in Jewish monopoly money, Vatican gold and Muslim oil funds, who all have a vested interest in eliminating the competition, and are employing the same criminalization of Christians whether it Syria, America or China.

President Trump does not get a pass on this, as it is the Christian God who placed him into 1600 Penn Avenue, and the President does not in deals, get to trade away the blood of Christians for bigger picture deals. The ground corpse of the Christian is not the mortar for a Trump legacy.

This goes for that holier than thou Mike Pence who is the same Judas selling out for the 30 pieces of silver.

President Ronald Reagan made the American Right to Life, Liberty and Freedom to Live that Life his cornerstone of every foreign policy. This is missing from the Trump administration, to its great shame and lack of standing on the world stage.
Time and again the flesh peddlers of the Trump Trans have traded away human dignity and American values for the art of the deal. It is past time that this become the issue, and Donald Trump rights this presidency consumed by the insiders who have allowed him to formulate policy in not protecting the Christians in America and the Christians abroad.

In Donald Trump's world order, just where does a Christian life rank compared to other peoples and religions.

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