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Enforce Constitutional Curbs on Robert Mueller's Witch Hunt of President Trump

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The Lame Cherry begins this with the post with the demand that Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein recuse himself from oversight of the kangaroo counsel of Robert Mueller on the grounds that Rosenstein appointed the mentor of James Comey to investigate the President, after Rosenstein told the President to fire Comey.
This is a complete conflict of interest, and Rosenstein has gone beyond his responsibilities in appointing a special counsel in this witch hunt against the President, in placing absolutely no limits on Robert Mueller, which is absolutely absurd and completely out of line of what State and Federal Departments operate under.

CBS News posted a list of the lunacy of what kind of authoritarian dictatorship that Robert Mueller operates under. In all honesty, Robert Mueller has more draconian power and is being shielded than the President, or any Government official
Mueller is like a case of hepatitis in there is no way to remove him, and he literally will last longer than a marriage in past till death due us part as there is not any restrictions on him or his tenure.

In the below, it is stated that Mueller was supposed to bring criminal charges against James Comey for leaking, destroying the original memo and for other high crimes, but Mueller has violated that mandate which is a certain reason for Mueller's dismissal.

From CBS News

Special counsels can be fired only by the "personal action" of the attorney general. Since Sessions has recused himself from the Trump Russia investigation, Rosenstein - who signed the letter appointing Mueller as "acting attorney general" - is the only person with the authority to curtail Mueller's work. Such a firing would require a finding of incapacity, misconduct or "good cause." 

There is no expiration date for Mueller's authority.

Under Justice Department regulations, a special counsel has all the authority of a U.S. attorney, including the ability to initiate investigations, subpoena records and bring criminal charges. One difference, however: Special counsels get to choose whether they inform the Justice Department what they're up to.

Mueller is supposed to carry on the investigation that former FBI Director James Comey told Congress about before he was fired by President Donald Trump. That includes any links between Trump campaign associates and Russia, as well as "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation,"

On the Justice Department's website is a directive in how the Justice Department is to operate in cases. In one point, the Attorney General directs that that a case can not be open ended, in there must be a set time limit on the investigation, and there must be a limit as to what the inquiry can be investigating.
We have already witnessed Robert Mueller being out of control, because immediately the Russian hacking investigation has now expanded to forcing President Trump to release his taxes. This is not a case about tax evasion, but about Russians, and Mueller has already violated the limits or he has obtained permission from Rob Rosenstein to investigate the President's personal finances.

From the United States Justice Department Website

The standards and requirements set forth herein govern the circumstances under which an investigation may be begun, and the permissible scope, duration, subject-matters, and objectives of an investigation.

In Politico, it is recorded that Mueller has discarded the scope of the investigation that anyone who destroyed government records must have charges brought before them. That is James Comey who DESTROYED HIS MEMOS and yet Mueller's protege has not been charged, but is instead colluding with Comey.

From Politico

Mueller has more spaces to fill. Cliff Stricklin, a former assistant U.S. attorney who worked with Weissmann on the Enron case, said the “ideal team for something like this” would be around six to eight prosecutors.

Mueller’s team also will be on the lookout for evidence of obstruction of justice, such as the destruction of any records that could have provided links between the Republican president, his campaign and Russia.

Former prosecutors say the investigation could last two years or more before it produces a final report to the Justice Department.

All of this is summed up in the examination of the State of California in it's controls and protections for Citizens, which in complete contrast to Rob Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and James Comey, has restrictions on investigators that they can not keep people in limbo for years investigating them or having investigations that spread beyond what the original complaint was.
A California Citizen under leftist Governor Jerry Brown has MORE RIGHTS OF PROTECTION than President Donald Trump has from Robert Mueller and the Justice Department.

From Lou Reiter, Public Agency Training Council

When you are involved with public employee disciplinary matters and have procedural time limits imposed on your case, failing to meet those time limits will normally result in losing the ability to discipline the employee regardless what the misconduct may be.

If one recalls from the above always expert Cliff Stricklan in the Politico statement, as an investigator he assumed Mueller would hire six attorneys to deal with reviewing James Comey's year long witch hunt of the President. CNN reports that Mueller starting out has acquired 13 lynch the President lawyers, who are not interested in investigation to clear the President, but have been hired to perform a Tort  Coup on Donald Trump.

 From CNN

Special counsel Robert Mueller has brought 13 lawyers on board to handle the Russia investigation, with plans to hire more, according to his spokesman Peter Carr.
Mueller has assembled a high-powered team of top investigators and leading experts, including seasoned attorneys who've represented major American companies in court and who have worked on cases ranging from Watergate to the Enron fraud scandal.

Newt Gingrich has sounded the alarm that this blog has, as posted on Red State, that Robert Mueller has no intention of being fair, that this is a witch hunt and Rob Rosenstein is the conduit who brought about this new attack upon the President.

 From Red State

The basic rule of ethical conduct is that it is not sufficient to avoid impropriety, one has to avoid the appearance of impropriety. No matter what is in the hearts of a handful of major Democrat donors serving as investigators, there will forever be the appearance that the investigation was used to settle partisan scores. It is a dumb move by any innocent metric.
Either Mueller is totally tone deaf–which should disqualify him from his office–or he’s already decided that heads are going to roll. Maybe Newt Gingrich was onto something

It is for this reason the Lame Cherry advises President Donald Trump on the following counsel enact the following:

  • An immediate hearing in a Justice Department review led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to examine the conflict of interest of Rob Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and James Comey, and when discovery proves the conflict, Mr. Rosenstein will recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller "investigation".
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoints a new Deputy Attorney General to specifically oversee the Mueller "investigation".
  • The Supervising Deputy Attorney General of Robert Mueller, implements the following Constitutional limits on Robert Mueller and his staff.

  1. There will be a weekly review of all investigations with full disclosure in executive committee to the Supervising Deputy Attorney General on the actions and conduct of Robert Mueller and his staff.
  2. Robert Mueller and each of his staff and their staff will sign a weekly affidavit that they have not spoken to the press, a conduit of the press or any other entity which caused a leak in the press during this investigation.
  3. The Supervising Deputy Attorney General of Robert Mueller and his staff, will according to the Justice Department and States like California revisit the Rosenstein directive and place immediate guidelines upon Robert Mueller and his staff, according to the laws protecting the President and every Citizen in the length, duration and scope which this investigation will be limited to.
  4. The Supervising Deputy Attorney General of Robert Mueller and his staff, will upon review of the Supervising Deputy Attorney General, if no evidence is found in this investigation will terminate those parts of the investigation immediately and dismiss those attorneys hired by Robert Mueller, who will not be permitted to rehire or hire replacements.
  5. If Robert Mueller or his staff, leak, threaten to resign or refuse to abide by these Constitutional Restraints placed upon them, they will be terminated and a new Special Counsel will be appointed by the Supervising Deputy Attorney General of this investigation.

Thee entire United States Constitution is based not on dictatorial powers, but on limited powers of exact limits in it creates no petty fiefdom nor tyrant. Robert Mueller is a petty fiefdom in Rob Rosenstein has violated the Constitution in empowering Robert Mueller with more powers than the President, the Speaker or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. That is an outlaw nature and unAmerican.

It is at this time for the well being of the functioning of the Presidency of the Untied States that the People secure their Rights from the Special Counsel in taking them back, as they were never granted to Robert Mueller  and if Mr. Mueller was interested in Justice in America, he never would have assented to such a violation of the Constitution.

There must be immediate and strict oversight over Robert Mueller and his staff which is already out of control. There must be a time limit placed on this investigation of months and not weeks. There must be budget limitations as this is not a junket in DC for years. There must be a focus in this investigation for the protection of America, as the President distracted is an America which is in harm's way from terrorism, war and insurrection.

It is time to appoint a Supervising Deputy Attorney General of Robert Mueller.

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