Monday, June 19, 2017

That is the Witnes and the Lesson

As another Lame  Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I came across a post on Facebook from a blonde in California who just hated bloggers who were begging for money, and then was posting my stuff and had never donated. I get told to shut up or I should be doing something else if I can not make a living at this, and none of of these shit for brains lecturers ever figures out that the internet is run by the CIA Mockingbird funding through the conglomerates. ALL of the sites which keep popping up on your feeds in the left or right have BOTS directing traffic and faking the numbers. It is all a scam so you never get information as is posted on this blog.

My Bible lesson today from the Holy Ghost was for all of you who lurk in the shadows with your money and it is a lesson for all, because when God created Israel, it was not a welfare state.

How God handled the caring for the poor, was when people had hard times, they could "sell themselves to a wealthy person to serve for 7 years and then be released with a start on life.

If you remember the Bible verse of Jesus walking through the grain fields eating wheat, that is what was allowed to feed the poor. There was an entire system in agrarian Israel where landowners were not to pick up every seed that fell or to harvest every stalk in the corners of the fields, because that is how the poor could feed themselves.

And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not make clean riddance of the corners of thy field when thou reapest, neither shalt thou gather any gleaning of thy harvest: thou shalt leave them unto the poor, and to the stranger: I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus  23:22

This was the case in America until the welfare state. Americans lived off the wild lands to being allowed to pick up coal that fell of coal trains to warm themselves. It was INDUSTRY in the sense a person had to go out and harvest food or pick up coal.
In the story of Ruth and Boaz, she gleaned grain all day and brought home an apron full. Boaz, her soon to be husband, assisted her, but telling his working crews to leave grain stalks for her to pick up. That is how people used to be generous.

Each of you is expected to not drain the blood from a turnip. Hillary Clinton was taking tax deductions on her used underwear to the poor. A multi millionaire grabbing for a few nickles is not generous.
It is worth noting that Donald Trump was praised for handing a 10,000 dollar check out to a poor guy. The tax system mandates around that number for a one time check, but all the same a billionaire handing out 10,000 dollars is not going to do a poor person any good in this cartel inflation where one can not honestly buy anything of a start in life with 10,000 dolalrs.

It is easy to note other people's being miserly, but it goes to you lurkers who rob me and never have enough, because you are robbing God and God remembers how everyone treats the poor.

It is not a matter in most cases of giving money away, but how most of you screw someone over when you are selling a used car or having a yard sale gouging people. Our thrift store here has Ebay lurkers, always looking up prices and posting 3 dollars on shirts or 5 dollars on crappy pans. In most cases what happens is no one buys them, and they go out on the quarter sales, instead of just being reasonable in 50 cents for a t shirt or a couple of bucks on a pair of pants.

You are always screwing people over when you could be doing something good for them, because you lust for your pound of flesh. None of this message will change a thing in you, because you have your god in money and things, and that is what you will be judged by in the end. It is just a witness against you, because you will not open your Bible to have God direct the life you owe Him to do good.

God does not expect anyone to bankrupt themselves, put themselves in financial jeopardy, but He does require each of us to help others in any way that is put before us.

I give examples of the things I do, not for praise but to give ideas to those who stand around not having a clue how to be Christian. I realize I live in a rural area where people are normal for the most part yet, so I can help a woman who looks like she is about dying from heat stroke to lift water cases into her car. In metro areas people would look at you like you were a criminal, because that is how unChristian your rat mazes are.
I often put shopping carts away, because they can damage vehicles which a store ower would be sued over, (another lust for greed in you people) and there are people in that store who have shitty lives and a great deal of work to do, and do not need to chase down shopping carts. The owner has thanked me several times for bringing carts back, because it all costs him money.....which he then has to raise grocery prices to pay for asstards too wonderful and rich to walk a cart back to the store.

If you do not have money, then it is actions showing Christian Virtue, and if you have money, then that is the crutch, and it includes being good enough to not charge someone their soul when you are replacing your appliances.

It is a simple lesson of how an entire nation is supposed to work. I watch these bankrupting millionaire famers here not leaving anything for wildlife. I am amused at the prick who just spent a fortune on a 160 acres a few years ago, now replanting some wet spots to get every kernel he can......and that means he is hard ass up for cash and is probably borrowing a million dollars to put his crops in, and nothing delights me more when he just keeps losing money on low crop prices.
He was a prick a few years ago who tried to sell me rotten bales, instead of giving them away....same prick who tried to talk me into draining his wetlands onto our property and the same prick snooping around last year in stopping us on the road as he had not met TL yet. God sees it all and God sees all the good or evil you are, and each person's personal reckoning will come.

It is not that hard to do good, but you work so hard to do evil. That money and all your property you think you have is going to be gone about 2 weeks after you are buried, as your greedy relatives indulge themselves and carry on your teaching of screwing other people over who are poor. It keeps going for 3 generations, and by the 4th, all of you are poor and on the outside looking in, because God visits the sins on the children to the 3rd and 4th generation of those who hate Him by not obeying His Commands.

That is the witness and the lesson.