Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Mother of All Crashes

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It really is disappointing in the true nature of people who in the majority come onto this blog and steal the content and make excuses about not donating, from "I tried" to "I am only on there once" and that makes stealing from God acceptable.

The reason for this post is when it was featured here that James Comey was blackmailing Donald Trump, that sexy story had a deluge of hits and readers.

James Comey Attempted To Blackmail Donald Trump

While a story of much more weight and danger to all of our lives in the Chinese Paper Tiger Economy, in how it will destroy the Economy of the West, just had a typical unique visitor tally.


I do not mind that people are stupid, or drawn to sexy stories that thrill them. It just perplexes me in how a revelation of Chicom fraud economics and laying out how it will wipe out all of your investments, implode the job structure and economy, does not register with the fact that you rich turds are going to be using your hands to wipe for toilet paper like the poor people.
Most of you are insane with lust for some cheap thrill. You are masturbation readers getting off on the sensational writing of the Lame Cherry, like picking up a 10 dollar crack whore on the way home to the wife and thinking there are not any consequences.

This is the latest doom and gloom prediction from Business Insider.

Blodget: Well, yeah, TV ratings do seem to go up during crashes but then they completely disappear when everyone is obliterated, so no one is hoping for that. So when is this going to happen?
Rogers: Later this year or next.  
Blodget: Later this year or next?
Rogers: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Write it down. 
Blodget: And what will trigger it?
Rogers: Well, it’s interesting because these things always start where we’re not looking. In 2007, Iceland went broke. People said, ‘Iceland? Is that a country? They have a market?’ And then Ireland went broke. And then Bear Stearns went broke. And Lehman Brothers went broke. They spiral like that. Always happens where we’re not looking. I don’t know. It could be an American pension plan that goes broke and many of them are broke, as you know. It could be some country we’re not watching. It could be all sorts of things. It could be war. Unlikely to be war but it’s going to be something. When you’re watching Business Insider and you see, ‘That’s so interesting. I didn’t know that company could go broke.’ It goes broke. Send me an email and then I’ll start watching.
Blodget: And how big a crash could we be looking at? 
Rogers: It’s going to be the worst in your lifetime.
Blodget: I’ve had some pretty big ones in my lifetime.  
Rogers: It’s going to be the biggest in my lifetime and I’m older than you. No, it’s going to be serious stuff. We’ve had financial problems in America -- let’s use America -- every four to seven years, since the beginning of the republic. Well, it’s been over eight since the last one. This is the longest or second longest in recorded history, so it’s coming. And the next time it comes -- you know, in 2008, we had a problem because of debt. Henry, the debt now -- that debt is nothing compared to what’s happening now. In 2008, the Chinese had a lot of money saved for a rainy day. It started raining. They started spending the money. Now, even the Chinese have debt and the debt is much higher. The federal reserves, the central bank in America, the balance sheet is up over five times, since 2008. It’s going to be the worst in your lifetime, my lifetime too. Be worried.

The biggest bubbles out there are Facebook, Apple and Amazon. While the focus is on companies in the economic experts, the trouble is in the Chinese paper tiger economy. I have not inquired on the Purim days of this, but the global economic meltdown is based in the rancid Chinese funny money, and it is that shockwave which points to the mother of all crashes.
Without going into details, there is in the matrix a date appearing for another event which would vaporize all this crooked finance and change the entire framework of the mother of all meltdowns.

I would that you would pay attention. I would that the poor would at least gain a few prepper supplies. I would the rich would stop being Scrooge in thinking the money God allowed them to have is going to save them.

I would also that the experts and rich all follow the advice of the above and being Kushner literate in speaking Mandarin and moving there.

Rogers: Well, that’s why I moved to Asia. My children speak Mandarin because of what’s coming. You’re going to see governments fail. You’re going to see countries fail, this time around. Iceland failed last time. Other countries fail. You’re going to see more of that. You’re going to see parties disappear. You’re going to see institutions that have been around for a long time -- Lehman Brothers had been around over 150 years. Gone. Not even a memory for most people. You’re going to see a lot more of that next around, whether it’s museums or hospitals or universities or financial firms.

I would this, because with over 3 billion ravenous souls in Asia, all those Caucasians will be eaten by the Chinese, because they were so smart in fleeing to Asia's gaping mouth.

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