Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Predator Primate

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Forensic psychology is difficult to explain to those who do not comprehend the intelligence required to actually enjoy the study. Every human understands the basic body language which you communicate with and others communicate to you a thousand times a day in the most rudimentary of unspoken language.

Predatory primates are a fascination as they appear in Showtime series as Dexter, which never delve into the absolute labor it requires for a serial murderer to sheet plastic a room, break a body down to parts, and then transport with an area such as Miami where the flies would follow fresh blood in plumes.
One of the greatest tells in the urban areas when people are dead, are clouds of blow flies massed on windows and doors of dwellings.

I do become bored in the association with primates as most are so base in fight, flight or sedate, that patterns are easily noted.

Today my 'creep meter' went of in the thrift store as did TL's. It was a thrityish male, Beatles shoulder mop hair, thin, clean, but I immediately thought serial murderer.

What captured my attention though was his fascination and fixation on a small reptile enclosure. I had thought at first glance it was a gerbil cage, but after studying it, it was something for the cold blooded critters.

When I happened upon him, he was studying it carefully and then moved off, and I presumed he normally had decided against it, so I when I browsed by it, as he lurked there, he immediately returned to the 2 dollar cage.

I met up with TL and I mentioned to TL I had something to show TL, and it was the primate again hovering by this snake pit. He moved off again, and I was laughing, as I could not resist an experiment, so I returned to the cage, and there was a bag of shells for an aquarium  below so I rattled them for Primate's Dog, and on cue, he reappeared and took position by the cage, and then he lovingly examined it again, and then he licked his fingers and started polishing off marks which were unseen on the plastic.

He moved off again, and I seriously was going to pick that cage up and move it just to mess with him, but as he had been licking on it, I did not want to touch it.

In simple diagnosis, I doubt he was much of a threat yet. He could have already offed his Mum and fed her to the snakes for offending the reptiles, but that would probably be a future event as his frustration builds in being deprived of his outlet.
I doubt any feminine or male companionship would share the allure, as snake primates are fairly rare and most have an appreciation for killing  things, in enjoying watching their cold blooded spiritual wicks devour warm blooded creatures. This one though was rare in he was revisiting in his mind a comforting moment in the reptiles were all he had as a child which was not harming him.

What is fascinating in this primate is as all primates, in anyone can be turned into a predator primate, in the correct psychological triggers. This one will probably exist in his entire life without ever doing any real harm to the world, beyond the odd sexual disconnect in masturbation, but in a world of  text sex in the American psychosis of millions needing contact by text and not human contact which they are phobic of, abnormal is a prevalent diagnosis.

It will be interesting when droid companions appear, in what disconnect or remedy they will provide for primates. The future will provide the ultimate of human disconnect in one will be able to plug in their smart phone for connect of human in the form of your favorite droid.

None of that though will suffice what drives the predator primate in the taking of life and the possession of the corpse. Perhaps in weirdo world there will be such droids or play factories for such primate to practice in, as it is always practice.

For now though, today's experiment was fascinating in observing the attachment of upon an object which the lizard could not feel, but that was the respite, and he lovingly cared for that cage in a most affectionate and intimate way. There were to fat midget Mexicans with a howling juvenile who will never have that kind of devoted attention, as such care is not possible from a Mexican, unless of course it is hired done by the Bush fam.

What else can be done but a live lab exercise when such an opportunity arises, as I do not believe in caging animals to study them, two or four legs.

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