Sunday, June 25, 2017

Moody River Blues

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you probably missed this, as it deserved missing, the Canadians under that faggot Justin Trudeau, sent out their uniform wearers in this Mad Dog Trump War in Iraq, protecting good ISIS from bad ISIS, and one of them shot a world record in killing some terrorist at 3781 yards or 2.1 miles.
This was Joint Task Force 2 of the Canadian Speical Forces. What Joint Task Force 1 is or where they are or if 1 only does number 1 things and 2 only does number 2  things, is a Canadian State Secret, probably only known to the children of Fidel Castro as Trudeau looks like something Fidel would produce when the spermicide failed, but this is more about the critical examination of how snipers have violated every honorable precinct of the glory of war and have degraded to cheap trick shot artists.


For all those faggot commonwealth dickless lezbos in Special Forces that all your mutton are so proud of,  this new world record was taken under these conditions.

“The shot in question actually disrupted a Daesh [so-called Islamic State] attack on Iraqi security forces,” a military source told the Globe.
“Instead of dropping a bomb that could potentially kill civilians in the area, it is a very precise application of force and because it was so far away, the bad guys didn’t have a clue what was happening.”

Oh the breathless anticipation of it all, it must just make them wee Canadian cocks go stiffy, as their entire officer corp is promoting this trick shot gallery thinking they are Annie Oakley.

Now for the reality check in this was an urban setting, this shot required 10 second to hit the target, ok look at the clock and look back after 5 seconds, so you understand how many little children could have crawled onto the terrorist's Muslim rape cock in the meantime, and then you begin to understand how absolutely derelict that kind of distance shooting is.

Let us build on that court martial offense for the whole Canadian military who should be run out of their army over this, and then observe the data below that a 50 Browning Machine Gun bullet will drop 239 inches at just 1000 yards, or almost 20 feet. So the Canuck zapper was shooting 3.5 times as far, which would include loss of speed due to resistance, so let us just guess if 20 feet is at 1000 years, at 3500 yards, it would be 90 to 100 feet.
The Canucks might as well be shooting at the fricking moon at 12 o'clock in the sky or in other words, the Canucks are shooting at targets they can not see in shooting into the sky endangering traffic aloft, or they are as the above classified information reveals, shooting off elevated platforms as in mountains, hills or towers to provide the only suitable elevation angle incline to produce the trick shot.

Nice the braggarts of  the Commonwealth have just told the entire Russia, Iranian, Chinese and Muslim world where their shooters hides are located  so the terrorists can saturate those locations with something astute like a 106 mm recoilless rifle, which America used to employ, until those expensive TOW missiles appeared, but thankfully Iran  took the American design and manufactures them.

But this is not about Muslims, instead this is about bragging Canadians making what Billy Dixon, that would be an American, who would correctly define such shooting as what it was, a scratch shot.

Oh it would be termed another definition as incompetent as the lead thrower flat ass misses a shot like that 500 out of 500 times, and it alerts terrorists to the danger they are in and it puts all other forces into jeopardy.
How many of these "record shots" are effective? One can assess in the top 5 shots, in none are repeats. The effective range at long range sniping is the Carlos Hathcock 50 BMG platform of under 1700 yards, from an elevated position of a fire base, for the reason the Marine was actually shooting at the target he was seeing in his scope.

This was not sniping any more than the garbage shooters who are crippling big game at long distance in fad shooting for Gaytube are hunting.

Is it very intelligent to teach terrorists that they can take positions on skyscrapers or hills 2 miles from their enemies called Presidents and Prime Ministers and take their 1 in 501 chance to make history. That would be rhetorical, it also is a breach of classified information, but with all the Trump leaks who pays attention to national security secrets, especially when it is Brits bragging on Canucks incapable of sound military strategy and tactics........exposing how absolutely incompetent the Canadians are at warfare, but very adept at educating terrorists concerning trick shots.

Canada really should not be allowed to play with pointy objects and the British really should not be allowed to deal with intelligence.

It is always such an enlightening thing, in you read stories and catch yourself thinking, "Wow that is really something", and then the Lame Cherry starts typing, and you start reading, and all of a sudden all of those great ideas start dawning on you just how shit for brains it all was.

That is about it until next time on the same bat time, same bat blog and same bat site.

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