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Murder Pays When It Comes To LaVoy Finicum

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 Most of you probably missed this bit of information this past January, but the person who oversaw for Director James Comey, the murder and cover up of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon, complete with masses of internet trolls paid to shout down Americans looking for answers to this crime, got out of Dodge a few days before Donald Trump was inaugurated and Jeff Sessions was placed as Attorney General.

Yes it is like James Comey, just citizen, Gregory T. Bretzing, but in looking into the job which Greg Bretzing now occupies in a major US corporation, one's first thought is, "Why in God's Name would any corporation hire a pariah like Gregory Bretzing?"

The conglomerate is Greenbrier Companies, and it primarily makes railroad cars. Yes the same train monopoly of Warren Buffett in this international trade, and Greenbrier was so profitable under Obama that even Donald Trump's investor, Carl Ichan made a major move to acquire this corporation.

Greenbrier Companies 

George Soros Investments

Carl Ichan

Greenbrier Europe

There are a number of oddities in this job which Greg Bretzing now occupies, in he was hired as "director of global security".
Director of Global Security for train cars? I mean it is not like there is a Russian mafia that puts train cars into their pockets and walks off the docks, nor is it like there is a black market in hijacked train cars, as they are a bit large, have to run on tracks, and if someone stole one, it would be easily found.
Yet that is Gregory T. Bretzing's job, a dream job really as no one is going to steal a train car.

The former special agent in charge of the FBI’s Oregon office, Greg Bretzing, wasted no time finding a new job after retiring after 22 years with the FBI.
Willamette Week reports that Bretzing is the new director of global security and special projects for the Lake Oswego-based Greenbrier Companies. 
At Bretzing’s new job, he will involve overseeing security at the barge and railcar manufacturing operations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Brazil.
“We are fortunate to have a seasoned individual of Greg’s caliber join the Greenbrier team,” Furman said in a statement. “As a proven leader in the security field, he is a valuable addition to our team as we continue to execute on our international strategy and expand our geographic footprint.”

More information on this interesting January shuffle, is that it was the now fired James Comey who apparently chose Bretzing's replacement personally for this job in Portland.
Even in this, something does not feel right in the appointment of Renn Cannon to the Portland Office. In looking at an article concerning Agent Cannon, he is a remarkable individual who attended West Point, led an infamous SWAT team in San Francisco's FBI division in a Hollywood type chase across roof tops after the bad guys, and then was promoted to FBI headquarters where he was the director of building leadership at the FBI, the LDP, or Leadership Development Program.
On the face of this something stinks, because in the Pentagon no officer leaves that building for some base command, as much as no one in Washington DC Homeland leaves DC for being placed in charge of Minneapolis. This has the look of James Comey demoted Loren Cannon of Cannon would be forced out, by placing him in the hot spot Northwest, and the reality that Loren Cannon was never going to see the FBI headquarters or leadership again.
It begs the question after Robert Mueller put into place the Mueller Cult of bringing young FBI agents to DC and displacing older agents, as Mueller could slip by things on the young agents the old agents would notice, as Rep. Louis Gohmert spoke of, just what kind of West Point disciplined leadership was Loren Cannon implementing, that it looks like James Comey tanked this agent's career and shipped him off to the hinterlands, as a message to all other agents not to buck James Comey?

Still, one cannot help but think that his collision with leadership at such an early age is perhaps due to some combination of irony and design – if feeling especially whimsical, one might even call it fate – particularly seeing that, for the last 19 months, Renn has found himself at the helm of the FBI’s Leadership Development Program. Known around the halls of the J. Edgar Hoover Building simply as “LDP,” Renn’s program repesents the tip of the spear as far as the Bureau’s ongoing effort to evaluate and re-engineer its leadership culture.

Loren Cannon, on paper and in the press, was the perfect heroic agent to develop the type of FBI leadership J. Edgar Hoover always stressed. Yet James Comey demoted him to Portland.

PORTLAND — The FBI has named a new special agent in charge of the Portland division, to replace a man who is retiring at the end of January.
FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that Loren Cannon, who has been with the FBI since 1998, will assume his new role in late January.
The current top FBI official in Oregon — Greg Bretzing — has held the job since March 2014, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

This is the rub in this, in a press report which states that Greenbrier, never had any need in all it's years of operations for a Global Security position, and yet just as Donald Trump takes the White House, Gregory Bretzing who oversaw one of the greatest and most damaging fiascos since the Clintons blew up Ruby Ridge, had a very cushy job CREATED FOR HIM, and this cushy job is so important, that Bretzing reports directly to the CEO Bill Furman, and no one else.
As this looks, it smells, and something stinks in what is going on here, as no corporation EVER goes out and hires a media pariah as it is bad for business, because half your clients are going to detest the person and you will lose millions in contracts.

 In his position, which is newly created, he will report directly to CEO Bill Furman.
“We are fortunate to have a seasoned individual of Greg’s caliber join the Greenbrier team,” Furman said in a statement. “As a proven leader in the security field, he is a valuable addition to our team as we continue to execute on our international strategy and expand our geographic footprint.”

CEO Furman though is a Donald Trump type operator in not exactly being political. He simply gives money in buying those he thinks he can influence. Furman donated money to the Trumps.

Chipmaker Intel gave $500,000, while Robert Freres of logging company Freres Lumber gave $25,000, Pacific Crest Securities chief executive George Glass gave $22,500 and Bill Furman of railcar builder Greenbrier gave $10,000.

There are questions in this which the Sean Hannity media should have been asking, as the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post have not been investigating. Questions of how and why Gregory Bretzing had a special job created for him, after the cover up in the Oregon murder of LaVoy Finicum, which has yet to see any resolution on the Bretzing FBI SWAT force being charged over tampering with a crime scene.
Now new questions arise in as James Comey covered up the Bretzing criminalities, what was James Comey involved in, in January which relieved Agent Cannon from command and demoted him to a field assignment outside the Bureau.

This is what Congress should be investigating, because Robert Mueller will not investigate James Comey's part in the fake intelligence of Russian hacking and he certainly is not going to address the issue of what it appears, in Loren Cannon was re establishing the correct leadership culture of the FBI which had been degraded to politics of cult under Mueller and Comey.

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