Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Khomeini Trigger

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ISIS Claims Dual Attacks on Iran Shrine and Parliament...

Publishes Graphic Video...

Revolutionary Guards Blame Saudi, Vow Revenge...

The matrix in inquiry points to the British and the Jews for this in it was "their people".  If you require a history lesson in this, the British overthrew the Shah of Iran for oil control, or the Rothschilds did to inflate oil dollar inflation. Zbigniew Brzezinski allowed this so he could have "terror Islam" in order to attack the Soviet Union with.
Khomeini was a British agent.

So you comprehend this, as this is the story and not that malcontent James Comey. There are three ISIS. ISIS 1 answers to the John McCain faction. ISIS 2 is funded by Iran. ISIS 3 answers to MI6 and Mosaad.
What has been taking place in London is a "breaking away" of the Iranian faction from the Queen in the attacks there. The retaliation took place in Tehran.
This is the important part as what was attacked in Iran is their political religious center. This is their Washington Monument of holy of holies. They are not going to overlook this and they WILL retaliate.

Inquiry states the Saudi's had nothing to do with this event.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps lashed out at Saudi Arabia and the United States, blaming them for the assault even as responsibility for it was asserted by the Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group that has taken credit for a nonstop staccato of terrorist attacks around the world in the last few weeks.

As one can ascertain though the Iranians are blaming the United States. That translates as the deep state is at coup against the President, that the entire turmoil by the Clinton Obama crazies, means the US intelligence network is not being focused correctly for security.

The above statement by Iran states they are coming after the United States. Logic in the inquiry states they will retaliate in the Jewish concentration of finance in America on the most politically sacred day.

I am only stating what is trending, and from online sources as I am not auditioning for any more interviews with Motherland Security. It is imperative that the President point the finger of blame at whose agents they were. This was not that pissy knife stuff in England, but a well  run operation, complete with video. This is meant to start a war and those who did it, want America and Saudi Arabia blamed, and when Iran retaliates the signature they leave will leave them blameless, as it will point to American origin material.

The Islamic State released a graphic 24-minute video showing a bloodied man lying on the ground in Parliament while a gunman in the background shouted in Arabic, “Thank God! Do you think that we are going to leave? We will remain here, God willing.”

For those few who donated, thank you, but I am not being paid enough to be exposed for this. The reality of history is Iran does retaliate every time the United States is involved, and they will come for America again which was set up this time again.

If this time line does not change, the European seers visions will begin to be fulfilled.

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