Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Surrealastic Pillow of Incongruous Juxtapositions of Deep State James Comey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is not a counselor of President Donald Trump nor of the inner circle, but the Lame Cherry by the Grace of God does put forth  advice in attempts to assist this President who would not be in the White House if a popular girl did not change the time line from Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton stealing the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord election.

As this popular girl was proven correct in Mr. Trump not setting up a war room under Steve Bannon and other loyalists, and the President has chosen his own brand of attorney differing from my suggestion, the soup has been made so it is time to serve it up.

The President has chosen his personal attorney, a gentleman I would call a right and proper bastard with fangs. He loves to draw blood and watch antagonists bleed out in court. The Lame Cherry could not be more pleased in Marc Kasowitz, as there is nothing like a pissed off Pole with their genius and a short temper.

With that stated, it is time for a quote:

When James B. Comey, the former director of the F.B.I., testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday about his ousting by President Trump, one man is likely to be watching perhaps even more intently than the president — and taking notes on a legal pad.
That would be Marc E. Kasowitz, Mr. Trump’s recently appointed outside lawyer, a longtime counsel to the president who was hired to defend him in these latest circumstances should the need arise.

Perhaps the President and Mr. Kasowitz have the following game plan already charted, so the following will either be confirmation or revelation, but what I would do if I was President Trump, is I would instruct my attorney to log every raised eyebrow of fired Direct James Comey after his testimony before Congress on Thursday, and on Friday afternoon file a 1 billion dollar slander and defamation suit against James Comey, exposing his perjured testimony before Congress and MSM smears on the President, as Mr. Comey states "he is just a citizen now".

I would instruct Mr. Kasowitz to have the Judge immediately subpoena ALL of Mr. Comey's personal papers and diaries as evidence, along with placing a gag order on Mr. Comey and his associates in  talking to the press, and if any more "stories" appeared from the Comey conspirators he would be immediate jailed for contempt of court.

Mr. Comey chose to destroy President Trump misusing the legal system. It is time for President Trump to unleash the legal system upon James Comey to be burdened with tens of millions of dollars in legal bills, before a kindly New York Jury finds for President Donald Trump in the full 1 billion dollar award which Mr. Comey will be paying to the 10th generation of Comey kinder.

That is the Lame Cherry advice. James Comey likes the propaganda of being the last righteous man in America. It is time to expose his lies, slander and smears, along with a court ordered psychological evaluation as to if Mr. Comey is sane, if he is a threat to himself or to the President.

James Comey likes starring in dramas. It is time Marc Kasowitz cast Mr. Comey in a fitting role where he will receive the recompense he plotted against President Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller wants to shake the trees until something low hanging falls. Marc Kasowitz can shake the same tree and see what private conversations shake out concerning Robert Mueller and James Comey in their meeting before the Thursday testimony of James Comey.
It will be most interesting when the media start being subpoenaed in their coordination with Comey and his associates in the deep state. 

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