Saturday, July 8, 2017

America and the World Owes First Lady Melania Trump For Repairing the Ivanka Damage

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Did you see this Ivanka Kushner whacked out propaganda story, in trying to ride on First Lady Melania Trump's popularity, after Ivanka has been trashing Mrs. Trump for three days?

I mean what the hell Maxwell is this??? Is not this the photo of Ivanka being pimped by Merkel like months ago, where Europeans were booing Dad Trump and Ivanka was loving it, and disgraced America by not walking out of that boofest.

But there are the Drudge Headlines and the UK press still pushing the wicked step daughter as the most important person in the Trump Brand.

Greasy Ivanka Trump Lubes Berlin

So you got Dad Don, patting the smiling Ivanka, who finally got some spotlight, after she was GLARING at a German Christian Concert as Ivanka hates Marionette Catholics like Melania Trump and all Christians as they are goy, and then this old photo of hosebag IMF chair cackling it up with the wicked stepdaughter, compared to First Lady Melania Trump quietly and perfectly in feminine leadership, conducting policy of state with President Vladimir Putin over dinner.
As Benjamin Franklin stated in France, "You talk to the women, because they go home and talk to their husbands about politics". And I would add, "You send your wife out to talk to the world leaders, because they listen and start telling you the same policies your wife charmed them with".


Now that is not the case with all women as a Lady like Melania by her grace would bring peace to the world, while Ivanka talking at Putin would start another world war.

There is a fact in this and I place this in bold print for effect.

Ivanka Kushner destroyed American Presence on the world stage, with her pandering her father for influence to her liberal globalist pimps like Merkel and Xi of China. Ivanka destroyed all trust by blowing up Syrians with her Tomahawk chop in another fake chemical weapons attack.
The United States was in dire straights before First Lady Melania Trump appeared in the first Presidential visit to the Mideast and Europe, where Melania Trump REPAIRED all the damage Ivanka had accomplished deliberately for her faction.

Thankfully America had a real diplomat and a First Lady in Melania Trump which America has not had since Jackie Kennedy wowed the world. There was not any Trump women stealing any show. There was that brat Ivanka who HATES the Trump name and has been trying to only Ivanka Brand as a slap at her father as he is bad for business trying to steal the spotlight, while it has been First Lady Melania Trump repairing the damage in the most perfect diplomatic performance which Europe has not witnessed since Bismark was on the world stage managing the factions of Europe.

Thee only success the United States has had in two Presidential trips to Eurasia has been due to First Lady Melania Trump, that is all. It was not President Trump and it was in spite of the disasters of Ivanka Kushner, Jared Kushner, warmonger neocon HR McMaster and that Jew Street financier Gary Cohn, globalizing the world to more disaster.

America owes the Slovenian People and the Slovenian American Melania Trump for this reprieve, as it has been all her in poise, charm and diplomacy. She has been the carrot to the President's stick and she has been the mended fences to Ivanka's scorched Tomahawk earth policies.

The Kushners need to both be exiled from the Trump Administration, and Gary Cohn fired three months ago and a voice of peace replacing Dr. Strangepud McMasters, as First Lady Melania Trump can not be burdened with attempting to fix everything her wicked step daughter's cabal in the West Wing keeps melting down.

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