Saturday, July 8, 2017

Greasy Ivanka Trump Lubes Berlin

I think we can use your greasy hair to fry the matzoh balls for breakfast


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the worst form of gauche apostasy, Ivanka Kushner appeared in Germany, pouting and bitchy, with greasy hair and condescending attitude against the German People, as she was set in the cheap seats, in not being the center of attention, after all of her intrigue, in attempting to hijack the G 20 Summit to persecute little boys in her feminist dominated global order.

 There is only one word for Ivanka in definition and that is brat.

Ivanka Trump Kushner had absolutely no respect for Germans nor Peoples of the Christian Faith, as she appeared with greasy hair in a public event, thinking no cameras were on her, as she had not invited and stationed them in her previous two days of "hand holding events", at the personally chosen Angela Merkel's concert of unity in Beethoven's Ode to Joy with the marked verses of Friedrick Schiller.

Do not miss the venom and contempt on Ivanka Kushner's dismissive face in not being the center of attention, stuck with her cuckold husband, seated next to Dr. Strangepud McMaster's in the neocon section of the "hired help".
Ivanka Kushner has not figured out that her adoring pimps in Justin  Trudeau and Angela Merkel only wanted to pose with her, and tolerated her, to gain access to President Donald Trump. Barred from the spotlight. Ivanka Kushner reveals who she really is, and the absolute contempt she has for Christian Peoples in their music and literature.

By contrast, the radiant First Lady, the Marionette Catholic, Melania Trump, gushed presence with all world leaders and rightfully charmed President Vladimir Putin, who it should be noted, Mr. Putin deferred to Mrs. Trump, in being quite chivalrous and protective of the First Lady of the United States.

...I know all Christian Peoples can live together in peace Mr. President

In contrast, Frau Merkel and that Fag of Ottawa in red socks and mannequin shoes, perched like a parakeet and a laying hen, now void of Ivanka Kushner who they have curbed, as she is no longer necessary. It should also be noted that Ivanka Kushner attempted to hijack the G 20 Summit on her kicking little boys to the curb in Ivanka's Natural Selection of little girls as the dominant specie, and Angela Merkel nor were any world leaders about to allow this wicked step daughter in Ivanka grab the keys to the throne, as they are not tolerant as President Donald Trump is.

I have shoes and socks like that in my closet Justin

This ends with the beautiful words of Friedrick Schiller, in the hope and joy of humanity, in celebrating goodness and the common good, built in the foundations of Christian Lutheran Germany, to which Ivanka Kushner appeared unwashed and unkempt, because why should this Jewess who has done nothing but drive Christians from the White House and has been engaged in breaking up her Catholic Parents marriage in smear attacks against the First Lady, show any respect for Christian or Catholic, as the mirror of Ivanka Trump Kushner reveals the true image of disrespecting the Poles in casting a bouquet of flowers aside given her and in disrespecting all Christians in showing complete contempt for the Christian world in Germany.

Freude, schöner Funke der Götter, Tochter aus Elysium,
Wir betreten, betrunken mit Feuer, Himmlischer, dein Heiligtum!
Deine magie kommt wieder Welche Konvention strikt teilt;
Alle Menschen werden Brüder, wo dein sanfter Flügel bleibt.
Wer ist in dem großen Versuch gelungen, der Freund eines Freundes zu sein, Wer eine schöne Frau gewonnen hat, fügt ihn dem Jubel hinzu!
In der Tat, wer nennt sogar eine Seele, sie auf dieser Welt!
Und wer es niemals geschafft hat, wird sich stehlen
Weinend von dieser Vereinigung. Alle Kreaturen trinken Freude
An der Brust der Natur. Gerade und ungerecht, gleicher Geschmack ihrer Gabe;
Sie gab uns Küsse und die Frucht der Rebe, Ein versuchter Freund bis zum Ende.
[Noch] der Wurm wurde Sinnlichkeit gegeben, Und der Cherub steht vor Gott! Gerne, wie seine himmlischen Körper fliegen
Auf ihren Gängen durch den Himmel, So, Brüder, solltest du dein Rennen führen, Als ein Held zur Eroberung gehen wird.
Du Millionen, ich umarme dich. Dieser Kuss ist für die ganze Welt!
Brüder, über dem Sternenhimmel Es muss ein liebender Vater wohnen.
Fällst du in Anbetung, du Millionen? Welt, kennst du deinen Schöpfer? Suchet ihn in den Himmeln; Über den Sternen muss er wohnen.

- Friedrich Schiller

 But you see Ivanka Trump Kushner can wash, comb her hair, and show respect when it matters, and what matters to Ivanka Kushner is Jewry. Observe the contrast to the above Christian event in Ivanka's loathing to be there, and to Ivanka propagating the Jewish elder "holocaust for profit event" in Poland.
Then Ivanka knows how to behave. She knows how to look sincere and she knows how to respectfully deal with flowers when it is Jew things.


Only Jew lives Matter

In contrast the contempt of the bouquet of flowers presented her by the Polish People at the beginning of all of this.


Effing dirty Poles and Effing weed bouqets


President Donald Trump was absolutely correct in not attending Jewfest in Warsaw, marketing the holocaust, in an event meant to antagonize Germans and rip off a 77 year old scab. This would have been an affront to Angela Merkel and a slap at Poles who had their own Pogrom to rid Poland as all of Europe did of radical Jewry which was in communism assassinating numbers of European leaders.

Again though in contrast, First Lady Melania Trump brings peace and the wicked step daughter Ivanka Kushner sows global division for profit.