Friday, July 7, 2017

Are they trying to Assassinate Steve Scalise

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I am not going to invest a great deal of time on this, but the Lame Cherry noted the horrid and incompetent medical care that Mr. Scalise was receiving from the beginning and that is why he has almost dies at least 4 times in the past weeks.

I will explain this in Mr. Scalise was shot by a Russian 7.62 x 39 rifle cartridge. The bullet hit the pelvic bone, shattered it and sent splinters into the abdominal cavity.  The bullet rested in the opposite side where it entered.

In a human, that area is filled with arteries on each side of the hips, and it is full of intestines with digestive juices, which when they leak out from being punctured, cause a septic poisoning.
Mr. Scalise has almost bled out several times and has had serious problems with gut leakage, and the problems of decaying tissue.
He has been pumped full of antibiotics to combat this, but has now been on his 4th surgery to attempt to clean this poison out.

What the doctors treated Mr. Scalise with is malpractice. I assume they used a scope to penetrate the hole and the bullet channel, flushed it out with saline, which caused more bleeding as it dislodged clots, but it never took care of the bone and metal shrapnel inside the abdominal cavity.

Most of you have watched MASH, and have heard the military jargon in how bullet wounds were treated. Thee entire abdominal cavity was always opened up and the bowel was run to find any nicks or leakage from trauma, because severe infections take place. In addition, saline flushes the entire area to wash out fragments of bone, which can start growing, and to allow the body to not have to absorb and push all that rotten blood and tissue through the kidneys.

For this type of injury, the MASH or standard treatment was required, not this scoping and massive antibiotic pumps, because the human body can not take repeated surgeries as the condition degrades. What will take place is either a heart attack or organs begin shutting down.
One can understand in not wanting to gut a human in the condition Mr. Scalise was in, but it would have been much better to fix him and flush him, as he would have been back to work by now and not undergoing another surgery due to incompetent treatment.

It begins to bring the question if someone is trying to assassinate the Congressman, as if a patient is not getting better in three days, something major is wrong. He had to be having great discomfort, probable fever, poison draining from a tube from him this entire time, and his condition degraded again as antibiotics were not healing him, as there was a major septic problem which occurred.

This is medical malpractice. Anyone knows that anyone who is gut shot has to be thoroughly checked out in real surgery. What Mr. Scalise has been put through is proof of that. Honestly, if Steve Scalise had been shot in the Korean War, he would have repaired at a MASH and be processed out of Tokyo for the United States to recover in Colorado.

There will be excuses in this in it being a difficult case and the doctors used the modern methods, but by what Mr. Scalise has been  put through it was the wrong treatment, and any trauma surgeon would have understood this from the first x ray.
Get the patient stabilized, repair the bleeders, flush the cavity, run the bowel and close. That can be accomplished in under an hour, and the patient then recovers.

"Congressman Steve Scalise underwent surgery for the management of infection. He tolerated the procedure well. He remains in serious condition," MedStar Washington Hospital Center said in a statement. "We will provide updates as appropriate."
The update came a day after MedStar announced that Scalise had been downgraded from "fair" to "serious" condition amid infection concerns and had been readmitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.


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