Friday, July 7, 2017

The Marrs Car

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jim Marrs has been having a sort of tough go for the past month and I saw today on Rense that Mr. Rense was helping Mr. Marrs sell his 1965 Mustang.

 If you're interested in Jim's classic car, the opening bid is $17,000.
Please submit all bids and any inquiries to
Thank you…this is a very special car and a unique opportunity!

In a world of disclaimers, I have no part in this sale or am involved. It is just an opportunity to think about things in how this world would be more blind if not for the work of Jim Marrs who has been writing expose' on everything from the Kennedy assassination to only Mr. Marrs knows what.
The relevant thing is, is that Jim Marrs in leg worked tracked down most of the Kennedy intrigue, and in the past year it was all confirmed by Dick Algire and company in remote viewing and in the work of David John Oates in Reverse Speech.

In this shitty business of looking for Truth and then being attacked for it, I have appreciated one thing from Jim Marrs, and that he has never called me a dumb ass. That means something to me, and I have always enjoyed the hours he has spent being interviewed in every genre which would have him.


I love Mustangs and have wanted one forever. My brother had one, a 1966, with a straight 6 in it with three on the floor shift. He drove the hell out of it and ruined it as he was a kid, but I will always remember the week that mom and dad went to visit the relatives, and my much older brother went fireworks shopping on the 4th, and 12 year old me was ordered to drive home, as we drank Miller ponies, shot bottle rockets out the window and I was terrified with the bad front shocks I was going to crash the thing. It was just something to do on a hot miserable day in my hot miserable world, but if you don't do stupid things you never have anything to remember later in how good time were.

So this is all for you rich non donors to get something for your Scrooge bucks. I want a Mustang, because it has no electronics really to fry in an EMP, and this little 289 engine will not use much gas. The Ford 289 was their best small engine ever built. It ran like a Timex, a retard could fix it and it was a tire squealer in those light Mustangs.
So that means for you rich misers, it is a good investment for when the world goes tits up as that is why I would buy a Mustang from the Batman era and it being the legend Jim Marrs car, some  enterprising whiz could probably get it into Comicon or something and make money off of it.

That is about it in a blast from the past when anyone with sense would trade what those Americans thought of the horror of the Kennedy Assassination and the Vietnam War, for the bullshit we are plagued by today.