Friday, July 7, 2017

War of the Worlds

People want so much to believe in something, anything, when they do not have God in their lives. It affects all of us so that our good days beat us up to experiencing bad moments that seem to shadow our lives.

...feeling a little beat up by the world today (my own damn fault as usual). when I think about you and TL, and while reading the blog, it always lifts me up. No response needed, just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate you both.

God Bless!

It is never our fault, no more than the chit that happens around here. I seem to be running a woodchuck clay knob which are as big as baby bears. I exist in a cat soap opera, where one male cat who was picking on everyone, after I saved his butt three times in shooting murderous other cats, now has him as king tyrant, who is now in cat prison, awaiting parole so more little tom cats can squall at each other in cat sounds.
I get to the point of keeping my head down and just watching the storm blow by as it appears the K street paid trolls take aim at the blog in protest of the best plans of wicked step daughters and men.

As I wrote to a friend this week, God puts stuck screws into my life, and I torment myself with them to enjoy the agony to the last as what else can I do but enjoy it, as I would be completely non appreciative if all screws came easily out of a firearm. It is a grande design by me, as I can not afford elk, moose or mule deer hunts, or buffalo blasting, but I can hunt them in my mind, ride scout for the Confederacy or other things to enjoy as this world spins daily to a prophetic reckoning. I design the misery to enjoy it. It is all I can do in years of practice so to keep a sound mind. I used to have to watch as if it were happening to another girl in order to survive, but am fortunate in this vintage of me, to cherish the misery and go off on adventures in my mind.
I have great adventures ahead. There is the cleaning gun segment. The polishing wood segment with some vintage wood stuff I have a recipe for. The casting of bullets segment. The making sure the gun does not blow my head off segment. The creating of ammunition segment (as why make this easy, but instead of a cartridge so obsolete the Swedes quit making it while America was a colony,  and then of course there is the making parts segment, and lastly the hunting segment. I figure that I will be ready to go hunting with TL about the time Jesus grows His hair down to knees after His second coming.

At least I am not Ivanka Kushner. That girl is sure miserable. So things are looking up as I do not work at CNN or CBS.

Any way, after sitting down with friends, it is time for me to get back to a semblance of work in this night, before tomorrow comes. I must confess that a 60 cent book on the Civil War has been appearing here, and will appear here in other posts to set the record straight, and I am enjoying the indulgence far too much, but perhaps some of the dead need closure too, as only Lame Cherry could accomplish as was for the Custers. So much to write which I will enjoy in at least a half dozen more in depth posts. Nothing can compete with that kind of fun......except of course a black woman on a bald woman hair commercial claiming people tell her she has beautiful hair, when that woman's only beauty is the darkness and closing the door behind her with a layer of duct tape.

That ends this segment of War of the Worlds with Edward R. Murrow on Decades TV which is really horrid television. Wow Ed Asner the liberal starred as THIRD ACTOR.  Warren Beaty as FIRST CARD PLAYER. Now how can anyone doubt the future with that kind impossible beginnings eh?