Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Suggestion to NSA Spying on Lame Cherry

Hey the Agency still owes me for Airwolf
Airwolf and I drank the same fuel
Airwolf cocktail - 3 lines Coke, 1 ounce Everclear, 1 match
I wanted to call it Bad Ass JMVWOLF

Just a note on the surveillance covering Lame Cherry.......again.

Whether the Chinese, Russians, Muslims, Jews or even one of the last Americans at the NSA is gathering intelligence on this blog, it would help if whoever in the spider web, would understand that when there are so much interference in pulling on the Wifi, that I have to KEEP LOGGING IN UNDER A NEW ISP in order to get things loaded for this blog, that it is a bit obvious in what is taking place, and more to the point, how do you gather intelligence on this blog when you are shutting down the internet service through your AT & T hub.

This is a bit of a big problem, because if foreign interests have tapped into this, beyond the special relationship with the criminal British MI6, then what good is Motherland's access if everyone is on the line.

For the amount of time and money wasted on the surveillance of this blog, it simply would be cheaper to have the CIA purchase this blog for 2.7 million dollars. The .7 would be for income taxes, and with the other I could purchase some property to get lost on, a nice big bunker, and I would go fishing, hunting, trapping, gardening and cowgirl stuff. It would be more cost effective and Motherland agents could stop having to deal with a blog no one reads and everyone scoffs at and go peek into Kathy Griffin's windows, as  that is sure to be a sight for the blind.

Anyway, this is a big obvious, in losing internet access, it keeps switching and then when I log back in in thirty seconds I have connection again.

Buy the Lame Cherry for 2.7 million and it solves the problem as AT & T must be burning out the circuits with everyone sucking juice out of my in box.

Nuff Said


PS One more thing, some cryptic as of late keeps picking words out and PUTTING THEM IN BLUE when I correct them which is more intimate, than the usual of highlighting sections and erasing them as I type. As I said it is just more difficult to spy on the Lame Cherry when wise asses keep making this more difficult to spy on the popular girl.