Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Flowers for First Lady Melania Trump and Weeds for Wicked Step Daughter Ivanka

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One can not but help but gush over Marionette Worshipper, First Lady Melania Trump, as thee most gorgeous First Lady on the planet. Arriving in Poland, Mrs. Trump looked absolutely the part, as the sun of her eclipses the shadow of Michelle Obama and the twilight of Jackie Kennedy.

In an absolutely perfect green attire she descended the stage created for her by the adoring people of Poland, welcoming home one of their own East European children, who went to New York, made it big and made everyone in Europe proud of this Slovenian darling.


The Poles were fitting in their adoration of the American First Lady, in presenting her with a bouquet as large as the Polish hearts are toward the wonder of Melania Trump.

Such a beauty, such an honor, such a beautiful display of flowers.


......and then the Poles presented the wicked step daughter, Ivanka Kushner with a hand full of weeds, which was fitting of this attempted usurper, as Jackie Kennedy certainly never had anyone so gauche as attempting to grab the spotlight.
As one can witness, the Poles were so put off that they refused to even look upon the Scarlet Letter.


Seriously, who appears on the world stage in the colors of adultery, as if she is auditioning to become the Whore of Babylon, a Jewess affirming the legend of Blood Libel in her red stained clothes. One must pity the White House staff which has to deal with this problem daughter, as one can know for certain that someone attempted to inform Ivanka Kushner that attempting to upstage the First Lady again, and then wearing Scarlet Letter clothing in a pious Catholic nation as Poland, was the ultimate slap against the Poles, and a most unpleasant reminder of the Polish experience with Jews in her history of Blood Libel and a generation hence of ordeal of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto of the elders selling their poor to the Nazi war machine.

This problem daughter, should have stayed in her 5 million dollar mansion and been a mother to her children, as she was just one day hence on the 4th of July, again pimping those poor defenseless children online, attempting to elevate her abhorrent disapproval ratings for betraying American Christians and Loyalists, by feeding those children ice cream as children of the world were starving or being blown up in Syria after Ivanka's Tomahawk salvo.

Poor Barron, the stalwart son, no doubt was left home to babysit the 3 children that Ivanka refuses to be a proper mother to. Of course, in the wonderful example of First Lady Melania Trump and the President, Barron will be the most beneficial of Uncles in providing a sound influence on those poor disrupted Jewish children abandoned again, and again by their absentee mum.


These are trying times, in all the good that President Trump attempts are thwarted by Ivanka and Jared Kushner in their boy hating and slave loving policies for the financier rich, and then the constant attempted smears of the wicked step daughter upon the devout Marionette, Melania Trump, First Lady, stir the heart to sorrow and empathy, as who could but continue in gracious form, but Melania Trump, as she does.

The Polish People comprehend and appreciate the appearance of the truly gracious and poised Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States who has no equals, and once again in her nature of light did not allow the shadow cast by her wicked step daughter to lessen the radiant beauty of the Polish People appreciating the President and the First Lady of those United States.