Saturday, July 8, 2017

How wonderful were Vietnam and Soviet Nukes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Once upon a time in America, we were told the worst terror we could ever have was the Soviet Union launching nuclear weapons at us with nuclear winters, and being drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam.....

How our disappoint was not getting back in time in the Marlboro and Hi Karate commercials, that we missed the segue in Batman being captured by Anne Baxter.
How no one knew the difference between black and white or color television as everyone was so poor they all head RCA televisions so grainy it was like a radio with a blinding light instead of pictures.

Living on 200 dollars a month wage and it was steak every night and our 15 miles a gallon Ford Galaxy 500's never ran dry.

To look again as civil defense shelters and think it was the worst hell in America, and to hear Lyndon Johnson call up your number for Vietnam was he worst hell on earth.

Nom de Deus, were we ever so sheltered and so alive on that edge we thought was so bad, and how welcome it all would be now. People with morals, Church on Sunday and if you lost your wallet, it would be returned to you by a stranger even in Baltimore.

How I would love to go back and face Soviet nukes and be drafted into the army for Vietnam, and serve tour after tour, listening to Three Dog Night, the Rolling Stones and the Turtles.

The worst enemies America had were the spoiled brats of the baby boomers, bred by that most failed generation of the Great Depression for not beating those ungrateful children silly, instead of letting them hate America and love her enemies.

All I would want is to go back to that age and take my chances in dying from nuke and vietcong. It would be grande to have such a life and to have a beer while watching Walter Cronkite and laugh at that old sod for the fool he was and the fools who listened to him.

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