Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jared Kushner is an Operational Robert Mueller Informant

Uncle Jared Kushner has no problem destroying the smiling faces of Don jr's Children

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality in the leaks of the emails of Don jr. being set up with a Russian meeting, which has been utilized to destroy the positive press the President was enjoying after the G 20 Summit, and that is one person in  Jared Kushner, who was under investigation by Robert Mueller for Kushner's Russian meetings at Trump Tower, and his personal attorney is Clinton stooge Jamie Gorelick who released the statement from Kushner submarining Don Trump jr., that the source for this was as Roger Stone confirmed, that it was Jared Kushner who engineered all of this.

According to Independent Journal Review, someone from American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research group, repeatedly pressed Stone on his knowledge of the leaker. Stone at first said he did know who it was, but was hesitant to reveal a name.
After saying he would not say who it was, Stone finally conceded, "Their initials are J.K."
IJR notes there are at least three high-level officials in the Trump administration with those initials: Jared Kushner, son-in-law to President Trump; Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly; and Jeremy Katz, a deputy assistant to the president.

These emails of Don jr., were not personal emails, but Trump campaign emails, in other words were emails which were stored in the Trump system in the campaign had it's own server. As the FBI did not have these emails as there was nothing illegal about them, and knew absolutely nothing about them, it falls to two people who knew of this meeting beside Don jr., besides the assets who set up this operation for MI6, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, and that was Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner.
Manafort was fired by the Kushner's, so would not have any access to the  Trump emails, and that leaves one person who had access in Jared Kushner, who in order to save himself, remove the competition for the President's ear, leaked these emails, which are the PROPERTY OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN, to the New York Times.

There appears absolutely nothing that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Kushner will not stoop to, to hijack the Trump White House or destroy the competition. Not that long ago, Ivanka was endangering her daughter in a publicity stunt in handing out donuts to the Secret Service and creepy neighbors and now the Kushner's appear to be the source who threw Don jr. under the bus.
As it has been noted that Jared Kushner is in full cooperation with Robert Mueller, and Robert Mueller has not arrested Jared Kushner for this tampering with a federal investigation, it is a reality that like James Comey leaking classified materials to the Times, that Jared Kushner has carte blanche to "move things along" in the Mueller witch hunt, and if it comes to stealing the property of the Trump 2016 campaign, framing an innocent in Don jr., then that is acceptable to Robert Mueller, as another Scooter Libby framed as Patrick Fitzgerald stooped to, is what the Mueller frame up is all about.

Think about this for a moment, in you have seen the beautiful and happy children of Don jr. and his lovely wife. Jared Kushner is the Uncle to these children. Ivanka Trump is the sister to Don jr., and there was not one thought on the Kushner's part about these children in terrifying them about their father might go to prison over this deflection engineered by Jared and Ivanka.
Personally,  I would be stunned in being betrayed like this by family and I would never speak to them again if I was Don jr. What the President is dealing with in when it dawns on him, that precious Ivanka was in on this to save her husband who has been criminalizing the Trumps in influence pedaling and now leaking about a meeting with a Russian attorney, which appears as another deep state set up, is a point that the President is going to have to stop making excuses for Jared and Ivanka Kushner, as his namesake in Don jr. has been deliberately framed by his son in law.

All of this concludes then that Jared Kushner moved from cooperating with Robert Mueller, to being an informant on the Trump's and appears to be an active operative in setting up the Trumps with Don jr. being the target to force to roll over on the President or go to prison on another trumped up charge like Scooter Libby or the Bundy group now persecuted in Nevada for being named Bundy.

This smear on Don jr. was too orchestrated, organized and over the top. This was deep state, and it was all aiding Robert Mueller. It was sprung deliberately by them to destroy the Trump Putin meeting, which is what this sham of Russian hacking has been about from the start of this.
As a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, the pattern is set, that there is going to be one of these fictional events which will be unleashed to 2020, every time Donald Trump  sr. moves to bring peace with Russia.

It is a reality that now though the frame up is going to be run out of the West Wing, out of the offices of Jared and Ivanka Kushner for Robert Mueller's witch hunt. What Robert Mueller will engage in with his team of frame up artists will use Donald Trump jr's wife and children against him. The standard protocol will be first to pressure Don jr. cooperating or being in prison to not see his children for 20 years, or the next step will be to 'question' Vanessa Trump, with Don jr being informed he either cooperates or Vanessa Trump becomes a person of interest in the investigation.


Innocent Vanessa and Don jr. framed by Jared Kushner

Revisit in this, that Donald Trump jr. has 5 little children, who are being terrorized by all of this, and Robert Mueller, the New York Times and all of the #NeverTrumpers allied in this frame up were aware of what this would do to those children, and it did not matter. In fact, when assessed, it would be deemed a better wedge to break Donald Trump jr. to turn on his own father.

This is the kind of deep state which has been running America for a generation. They have no problem blowing a man's brains out and onto his wife in Dallas Texas, have no problems gut shooting an old cowboy in Oregon and letting him bleed out, no more than burning up a bus load of children in Waco Texas, all to make a point.

The President is a real person, exactly like you. Melania Trump is just like the devout Catholic's you know. Barron is a good kid. Don jr and his family are the same as every one of the 65 million Trump voters. They were being Americans, and all of a sudden someone in deep state has Homeland Security on their doorstep to intimidate them as the system protects itself.

Jared Kushner Is Said to Be ... - The New York Times

Representatives of Jared Kushner, ... said Mr. Kushner will cooperate with all Russia ... of our former partner Robert Mueller as special ...

June 18th, 2017 the New York Times reported that Jared Kushner was cooperating with Robert Mueller's witch hunt. Cooperation translates as informing on the Trumps and that a deal has been worked out with Robert Mueller in Jared Kushner has rolled on the Trump family.

If you revisit the Kusher Jewish mafia, Jared Kushner's father, the felon, had absolutely no problem destroying his sister's marriages, in hiring New York whores to retaliate on when the sisters started cooperating with US Attorney Chris Christie in that criminal mess.
See the Kushners will sell out their own family to save themselves, will hire hookers to destroy each other, so it is not a stretch of reality that Jared and Ivanka Kushner would destroy Don jr, his wife and those 5 children, if it was the sociopathic choice for the Kushners, as that is what they do in that family.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in plain sight. Jared Kushner is an operational informant of Robert Mueller and it is apparent, he has some type of immunity which allows stealing of Trump campaign property, leaking it to the New York Times to further the Robert Mueller witch hunt, against the Trump family.

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