Friday, July 7, 2017

Nothingness of Trump Reversals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


David John Oates hiatus from the Rense program, only produced weeks of nothingness in no real revelations took place on Donald Trump and his war staff.
It appears the beautiful chocolate policy was half baked and the system of war was checked. It proves how much trouble Donald Trump is with his base due to Ivanka Kushner's war against Christians and Cuckold Jared meddling in National policy.
What one has now is HR McMaster neocons and Steve Cohn Big Jew taking over.

Donald Trump

We all share one glorious destiny - Hear goodness

Obama knew about Russia and did nothing - Skill the killers serving it

God bless the United States of America - Sell God

Americans can not pay health bills - They harass me

Rex Tillerson

Our values can never change - See I brought up the shit

Moving embassy to Jerusalem in peace process - They got middle

Three Americans detained in North Korea - Crime won't shed it

Companies should not do business with North Korea  - I phoned it in.

Additional areas of cooperation with China - Shared knife with us ahead

Denuclearazation of Korean peninsula - Their cry beat it up

Important trip to Mideast - Their government are evil

Relationship with Russia - There is a sense they will view with patience

Trip to Saudi Arabia, all people of faith - Hillary and the devil

Mad Dog Maddis

President's view of North Korea - He fought her the road

Resolutions of the disputes with China - Now crime in the streets

Commitment to cooperate denuclarations of Korean peninsula - Sure damn near sent yesterday

To engage in psychological conditions - The hell will suck ( all will blow up if go into North Korea)

Dead American in North Korea - We struck unit

Discuss differences with China - Your wolf so final

HR McMaster

100,000 troops in Vietnam - Chinese sue her