Sunday, July 30, 2017


I spent quite awhile this Sunday on the phone with Paypal, was a very nice American on the other end.

He checked everything and stated that although it was posting recurring, that the donations I refunded were not listed as recurring for charges.

He suggested that as I set up my button five years ago, that I do it again. Apparently the new Paypal does not list for recurring payments as previously was available. He said they were working on that to maybe restore it as some people wanted that feature.
I updated the button, and it shows the same uplink, so I have checked and fixed all on my end.

I checked my donor box,  and none of the last donations were recurring.

So it comes down to I was being extra careful as people get interesting with money and I can not afford to have more money problems.

Susan emailed and said my contact was in the junk folder, so for the 8 perhaps you can check there, and Grace thanked me for taking the time and stated on their Paypal page it was showing both one time and recurring, but it is not set up as recurring.

I do not know what gets into computer codex, and it seems no one has any problems with Paypal but this blog with some people trying to donate, in most instances the page will not even load.

I guess the little  Mary Sunshine part is in this, at least people should know now that I do my best to look out for each of you and I never pull anything on anyone. I just try and stay on top of things, as the few times I did miss something I get as I said these screaming emails

What a way to piss away 3 hours on a Sunday,  but why should this day be any different from the other 6 for me. eh.