Sunday, July 30, 2017

Who Swats the Flies

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is an interesting story planted in the press in the Kushner coup against Reince Priebus, now that Priebus had served his purpose the Kushner Pence fall guy for Congressional disasters, is that Donald Trump once summoned the White House Chief of Staff to swat a fly.

Unnamed administration sources told the Washington Post that President thought so little of Priebus that he once summoned him to the Oval Office and assigned him the task of killing a fly that was buzzing overhead.

People will do all sorts of things to  keep power and take all types of degradation.

Reince Priebus was on the top rank at the start. All he had to do were two things:

Not be stupid enough to think he could trust GOPliters like Pence and Ryan.

Not be stupid enough to think he could leak to the press and others to save his reputation.

Not be stupid enough to barter away Christians in key positions which could have saved him, but shot his was on Katie Walsh and Johnny DeStefano, who plot for Bush Pence.

Yes I know I said two things.

Trading Christians for Jews has proven to be the incorrect strategy.

The above photo is a new favorite in the gathering of John Kelly, new Chief of Staff, Steve Bannon, and the Bannon fan club.

One wonders what kind of flies Mr. President has had the above engaged in..........

You do notice no one leaks on the Kushners, because those people are intelligent enough to know that their names are turned over by the liberal media and those neocons like HR McMasters fire them.

In Trump Brand, some are the flies, some are the swatters and some order the swatting done.