Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If this is Trump after Domnionist prayers.........

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There is a movement in the fringes of America, and it is something to be aware of, as the President is inclined toward it, because it waves a Star of David flag which covers the rapine of Gary Cohn and the machinations of the Kushners, in the Name of the Lord, when God has not placed His Name upon any of this.

In January, shortly before Trump’s inauguration, POTUS Shield gathered in D.C. to pray for Trump’s family and administration and to “discern, declare and decree the strategies of the Lord for our nation.” Among their concrete goals: get rid of federal judges whose rulings are not to their liking; end legal abortion; stop same-sex couples from getting married; bring “official” prayer and Bible reading into the nation’s public schools; and make America the Christian nation they believe it was meant to be.

And this is the world after those prayers which is not what anyone voted for.

God, you founded us on a Judeo-Christian ethos, and we’re declaring that yes, America is and will be a Christian nation, like never before.

No, this fiction of Judeo Christian is a manifestation of the globalist zionists to make Christianity servile to the Jewish financiers, and so Jews are provided carte blanche to carry out their crimes. The Jews murdered Jesus and sent Saul of Tarsus out to genocide the rest, until Christ converted Saul on the Road to Damascus. There never was any Judeo Christian. There was the Old Covenant with the Hebrew or 13 tribes of Israel, who were divorced by God for their rejecting God, and the Jews exiled in Babylon returned with that apostasy of Babylonian mysticism which became after Christ, Talmudism in viewing all others than Jews as goy to be exploited.
The New Covenant of Christ is based on the God Abraham Covenant of the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins or enmity with God by Christ's one sacrifice of His Life, as Christ is the Word Creator and formed all, and made the First Covenant was spiritual death for those who broke it. It required yearly sacrifice and ritual cleansing. Christ is Thee only permanent solution.
Jewry had degraded to in Christ's time, a leadership appointed by Rome, a foreign king in Herod slaughtering innocent children in Bethlehem, with a group of Pharisees who worshiped the law to condemn all and the Sadducee who said God is dead. That is nothing Christian and no Christian should ever be linked to the Judeo apostasy. There is a vast difference between the devout Judahite in search of God and Jewry which exploits the holocaust, Christians and the US Goverment to manipulate all to provide cover for an agenda of the financial elite to exploit the world.

There is One God and One Way to God, and is His Son, Jesus the Christ. Period.

Many of the “prophets” associated with POTUS Shield are part of an “apostolic” movement within Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity known as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE), meant “to build positive and ongoing personal relationships among nationally recognized prophetic voices,” was birthed at a January 1999 meeting in Colorado Springs called by C. Peter Wagner and attended by 18 people, including Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer. The ACPE, which functions as a leadership group within NAR, releases annually its “Word of the Lord,” a sort of consensus document of prophecies for the year ahead. Some NAR leaders are also part of a global network, the by-invitation-only International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

So there is a prophetic sheet these people release who are praying over Donald Trump. I checked the link and it is not exactly revelation. In the Bible, it states that the prophet whose words do not come to pass, is not from God, and should be put to death. I am not advocating stoning, but if people are saying things and they are not coming true, then they are not speaking from God.

Here are some examples of these prophets:

Youtube millionaires, not Wall Street millionaires in 2017.

The way people make money is going to change. A new breed of entrepreneurs will arise who are “out-of-the-box” thinkers. New structures of wealth creation will open up. For example, in the past the stock markets were major generators of wealth, but this will be the era of YouTube millionaires. 

8 months into it and this has not happened. Therefore it is a lie.

Latin American dictatorships weakening.

Watch Latin America as structures that kept people in poverty are going to begin to unravel and weaken.  

Argentina just crushed the Patriots there. Mexico is not weakening, nor is any other Latin American nation. Therefore it is a lie.

The deep state crumbling, criminals going to jail, criminals dying.

The economies of nations who have refused to shift and are keeping their people in bondage will see massive shakings. Exposure after exposure will come to those corrupt individuals who thought they were too protected and embedded through bribes and intimidation. They will find themselves falling out of power, going to prison, and, in some cases, even dying.  

Again, a complete lie as none of this took place.

This is the best exact synopsis listed of the coming events as of January 2017.

This is the year of breakthrough to release the following things:
  • Mantles or anointings of the Holy Spirit released across generations. This is the year of securing your legacy.
  • New leaders recognized and released.
  • Shifts in government and new international alliances forming.
  • More corruption exposed on national levels, both in the United States and other nations. 

2017 was nothing but more rich getting richer and poor being exploited. A lie.
No new leaders have been recognized. A lie.
No shifts in the Congress as it has become more entrenched. No new international alliances formed. A lie.
Corruption has not been exposed, but covered up in the United States and across the globe. A lie.

From the above revelations, the above would be defined and false prophets and in the Old Testament taken out and stoned.........and yet when Donald Trump had real Christians around him, his Trump Trans removed them, and now these Jew worshiping false prophets have been welcomed into the White House.........because the Kushners are there to exploit these deluded peoples for their Star of David flag waving, gives Congress cover to hand over billions to the Jewish state and send Americans to die in more Muslim wars, instead of getting out of the Mideast.

The point in this which is vital. If this is what Donald Trump looks like in Mueller witch hunts, enough McMaster nuclear wars from North Korea, Iran, China and Russia, with the Israeli state by the Kushners manipulating America into a war with Russia to drive Russia out of Syria for the Jewish financiers, Donald Trump might as well have been bowing to satan and drinking virgin blood, as this is a catastrophe and these psychologically off balanced boobs with their vacuous glowing faces, will be still zombie as nuclear bombs go off, because then they can prance around and say, "Now we get to be with Jesus".

There is a definite warning in the Bible from Christ telling those who cast out demons, did great works in Christ's Name to depart from Him, because He never knew them. This group of self medicating group thrills are not prophesying anything, but lies or things so vague that of course there will be upheaval in the world.

President Donald Trump is in trouble, because he threw away Christians, and the Kushner's took credit for God's victory. The President has replaced God's chosen with these holy rollers who have not gotten a thing right in any of this.
If you bother to check all of this, this blog stated before Donald Trump appeared, that God would raise up a Jehu, and yet these holy rollers keep trying to say Donald Trump is a Cyrus. Thee only Cyrus potential in this is Vladimir Putin to protect the Christians in the east. Donald Trump as Jehu is establishing the worst sins of the house of Ahab, and is persecuting the very Christians who were instruments which God worked through.

They have though shifted to the Jehu symbol which makes me wonder which one of these non donor wealthy exploiters in holy roller events plagiarized this blog.

NAR is meant to be disruptive to the rest of the Christian Church. It views “denominationalism” as a sin and views established denominations and leaders as resistant to the reestablishment of the offices of prophet and apostle.

What this sect is, are zealots. They are Judas Iscariot grabbing for the money purse, and looking to have Jesus make the rulers on this earth. That is not in the Bible for this age. This age Christ says ends, and only after Christ's return do the Faithful rule with Him a 1000 years, before the Judgment comes.

We have been promised by this lot for decades of a great revival in America, and all we have been plunged into is Sodom and Gomorrah. As Donald Trump thinks this is his brand that he is comfortable with, he is going to not be pleased with the results.

In Jeremiah, the Prophet, there is a recording of another prophet saying that all would be restored and well, but that was not the case, no more than those who prophesied a bright outlook, when the Prophets all foretold of evil times.

Jeremiah 28: 8 - 9 

The prophets that have been before me and before thee of old prophesied both against many countries, and against great kingdoms, of war, and of evil, and of pestilence.

The prophet which prophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the LORD hath truly sent him.

Leading people astray is a great sin and placing God's Name on Trump sodomy is not acceptable to the Lord, as King David was castigated by the Prophet Nathan after Bathsheba and Uriah's murder, because all the nations in the world would think that God condoned such atrocious sin, because David was His king.

We have before us a Bible, proven and correct. There are enough cursings for disobeying God coming true on the West who have rejected Him and enough prophecies to be fulfilled for America, Europe, Asia and the Mideast which are not Great Peace, but Great Tribulation.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to re establish a Christian America and West, but the people have been trained as in Canaan, and are reprobate. They are in rebellion to their DNA, and that is not going to converted by zealots, any more than Barabas converted Jewry out of Rome.

2016 was about the Christian showing to God by action, that they would not vote for another anti Messiah, but vote for right standing with the Lord in a Christian America. 2017 is about those Christians by actions proving they are not going back into sodom.

When the Lord utilized me to construct this time line, I did it for Russian American Peace, a weakening of the anti Christ and to perhaps save Christians east and west in numbers, but the events are coming upon events, because this Jehu has cut off Christians from this administration and created a junta for the perils ahead.
Each Christian has proven Whose they are, and that is the mark in all of this.

I have fulfilled my part as the good children have fulfilled their part in the Lord. The Christian will be shown mercy from the Lord, even if it does not appear merciful, and those of the darkness will receive the judgment.

I look to the Lord Christ, not the junta, and I will not be foolish in attempting to build a city on the hill on the grounds of sodom's brothel. Each can make their own decision, but I will not go where I am not wanted nor will I be a part of this falsehood of those drunk with the lust for power and intoxicated in their own frenzy.

Two and half years of this life, a target of the regime, and the pasture I prepared for the children has been overrun with predators and plague. It is God's reckoning now and no human part.

I repeat the guidance as I always have in trust in the Lord, pay your taxes, do not make yourself a target of the regime, do not be despondent as God knows all, and on the other side of this is Jesus in either your going to Him or Him coming to you.

No one can build the American house with the timbers of rotten morals, the daily storm of sin tearing at the foundation, and the invisible nails of false prophets telling those spikes are real.

- Lame Cherry

Slapping God's Name on man's will does not make it God's.

Nuff Said.